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  1. Size and distance from the light block could/should be variable, depending on block size. Say, the surface area towards the light determines the size and brightness. The length of the block along that axis determines the distance between light block and light. That would give people a lot more options in the aesthetics of their ships. Also, make them visible through glass and holograms. It works (mostly) for glows, why not for lights?
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  2. It would be nice to have rounded distance to core displayed in galaxy map in addition to the relative x,y position. It's not difficult, just sqrt(|x|^2+|y|^2)... it'll save a lot of reaching for calculators 😎 Sorry if there's already a mod for this, I obvs couldn't find it
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  3. all of the modules (and new ones) dealing with velocity and acceleration don't appear to work too well with thrusters/directional thrusters, if at all. A dedicated thruster improvement module would be fantastic for ship maneuverability and especially for tugs.
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  4. Major cleanup should mostly only happen when a player is out of the system. But despawning tiny chunks progressively after a good amount of time while still in-system would be fine. I think there's a mod that looks at the value of debris and starts with the least valuable stuff and won't ever touch valuable things over a certain threshold. That's something the game should do natively.
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  5. This answer is from 7 years ago. QueryPerformanceCounter has been around since WinXP. In fact, I can't find any common OS /Language that doesn't support microsecond timing.
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