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  1. Hi one and all! [spoiler=Introduction] I'm an enormous fan of Avorion and love creating a better experience for myself and friends in-game with mods, and by modding the game myself. However, whenever an update rolls around, it's always quite a fuss to determine what parts of which code and scripts have changed, how that will affect my installed mods, and, more importantly, how to reinstall all the mods I've effectively "lost" by updating my scripts folder when patching. To this extent, a mod manager would be ideal, but where such a tool does not exist for us (yet), I think the next best thing would be to compile a list of mods that we know are stable in this patch, to avoid headaches when patching up to the new version of the game, or the new beta version on the Beta Branch. This way, we can consult this one thread and find out which mods can be simply reinstalled, and which ones will need some more development / need to be patched before they become available to us again. Now, I do not have all the time in the world and I would love for you guys to help me set this up to - a community effort, if you will. On the Wiki! This list also exists on the Wiki, here. For everyone who has any information about mod compatibility, please edit the Wiki directly. You can still PM me and/or leave a message here to notify me of changes, if you want to have all bases covered. I'll also be checking the Wiki periodically, myself. If at any time there is a conflict between the information on the Wiki, and this list, assume the information on the Wiki is correct. That said, let's compile our shortlist of supported mods right now! [ MISSING YOUR GAME VERSION? ] Due to a character post limit, and an oversight on my part to not have reserved the first four or so replies to this topic for this purpose, the archive for older versions is located here, on page 3 of this thread. [ NOTE ] As a general rule on these forums, when the mod author doesn't seem to be updating the mod themselves, chances are someone on the latter pages of the thread has. So if a mod doesn't appear on this list, don't worry. Maybe someone has already updated it to be compatible to the latest patch! If someone has, please tell me by replying to this thread so I can keep this list as up-to-date as possible. [0.20.x] STABLE MODS -- [[CURRENTLY TESTING]] These mods are stable on the latest patch of the base game. Simply install them and play! [0.19.x] STABLE MODS -- [[LAST TESTED PATCH -- REVIEWING FOR CURRENT PATCH]] These mods were stable on the last tested patch of the base game. It's possible they aren't compatible anymore. [bB 0.21.2] STABLE MODS -- [[CURRENTLY TESTING]] These mods are stable on the latest patch of the beta branch. Simply install them and play! [bB 0.20.3] STABLE MODS -- [[LAST TESTED BETA BRANCH -- REVIEWING FOR CURRENT BRANCH]] These mods were stable on the last tested patch of the beta branch. It's possible they aren't compatible anymore. STABILITY UNDER REVIEW We are currently testing these mods in our games on the current patches. Preliminary testing results seem good so far (no crash on startup, game is playable). More interactions / test cases need to be explored still to bump this up to Stable. STABILITY UNKNOWN We haven't tested yet whether these mods work under the current patches. We need to investigate further into these. DEPRECATED These mods are confirmed no longer stable on the current patches. Mod developer action is required to conform to the changes introduced to the game since the last time the mod was stable. For each mod, the last known stable patch is mentioned. To flesh out this list, we need to collect a list of all the mods for the game, put them in the "stability unknown" category, and systematically test them on the new patches. Here's to making all our lives easier! Thanks for your assistance, Shrooblord P.S. I'm just running down the list of mods I find in the Mods forum as sorted by last posting activity - got to page 6 - will continue to run through all the mods posted in this subforum at a later time. If you know a mod you love that isn't included in this list, don't hesitate to post! P.P.S. At the time of writing this post there's 27 pages worth of mods in this subforum. Indiscriminately and systematically going through all of them will take some time. This is why the "Stability Unknown" section is so huge right now compared to the other categories. If you know anything about the mods in that section, please let us know in a post down below!
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