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  1. Was testing reintroducing the --ip parameter to the dedicated server to see if that reduced crazy network troubles described: Everything was fine for a while, updating ships, moving sectors, trading a bit, salvaging, pirate and xsotan attacks with the usual problems (ship destruction often takes 10-20 seconds to 'figure out' where the wrecks are. /say foo worked instantly ... after an hour or two... Then I switched to a sector where my trader lives (a shipyard is present) and attempted to upgrade his Titanium bits to Trinium. The server refused to comply (described in above thread). I closed 'build' and reopened it and some of the components got updated, I attempted to update more. Again the server did not comply. I started using /say to verify the latency. the server console was responsive. The client didn't receive the first say 'foo' for what seemed like 30-45 seconds. The client never received the 'bar' say at all. I exited the client normally. I waited a little on the server console. (no action) I entered "/stop"... (no response) I went ahead and opened Task Manager, and expanded the server affinity from 8 cores to all 12 cores. Eventually the server dumped 8000 errors about the client disappearing, saved and exited. Server CPU usage was always less than a single core. Server RAM usage was under 3GB Client RAM usage was around 2GB Machine is an AMD 5600X 16GB @3600Mhz (Manufacturer rated speed/timings) Machine is not overclocked, runs below 65C at all times. serverlog 2021-11-05 02-33-32.7z clientlog 2021-11-04 21-34-01.7z
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