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  1. There's "Build Mode" but it requires an active ship. "Design Mode" allows a "virtual design of a ship" in game without the use of resources or limitations, and is ENTIRELY client based. No communicating with servers---just the local machine. Once the design is saved, it can be loaded server side. Design mode would be a resource independent, client-only (regardless of whether you are on a server), no-ship-required This would allow a fix for things like: Having to log off a server to design in single player like a Neanderthal because of server communication time "You do not have enough slots" "You do not have access to that building material" Honestly don't care if I don't have access to that material---I need to get into the ship so that I can fix what's missing/in place so that I CAN build it---without having to log off and go to single player to do it.
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  2. Good God, it's so frustrating to have the tiny dot of a reticle centered on an enemy ship, and yet my battery of cannon turrets all miss. It would be so helpful to have some markers on either side so that 'leading' would be easier.
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