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    Hello! There is news on Steam and in the Discord server which hasn't been posted here yet. Read and watch a video about the upcoming DLC and update from here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/445220/announcements/detail/2845666883511849473 This was talked about in the recent streams on Twitch, as far as I'm aware.
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    You're lucky I've read this, because I'm not really active here anymore (but on steam). To answer your question: Your mod would have to override 'startServerDesignJob': -- keep the original function to call inside your overwrite function local mymod_startServerDesignJob = Shipyard.startServerDesignJob function Shipyard.startServerDesignJob(founder, captain, scale, name, planToBuild) mymod_startServerDesignJob(founder, captain, scale, name, planToBuild); --simulate the scaling already done in the original function local plan = planToBuild plan:scale(vec3(scale, scale, scale)) -- Change as you desire local requiredTime = math.floor(20.0 + plan.durability / 100.0) if captain > 0 then requiredTime = requiredTime + 300 end -- Inject your new time into the already setup running job runningJobs[#runningJobs].duration = requiredTime end The code is untested, but the principle should work
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