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  1. I think it would add to the immersion of the game a lot if the game had smooth warp jumping, similar to what Elite Dangerous has. Warping and seeing your ship going faster than light and then jumping into the sector you chose would be a lot better than seeing your ship warp, see a loading screen, then youre magically there. I dont know how hard this would be to implement, and I know in the end theyre both still loading screens, but it would be really cool to see.
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  2. I've been noticing recently in the modding space that Avorion only has a single instance of the engine sound file for thrusters, engines (going forward), and idle. Having a seperate audio file instance for each action would allow some fun sound opportunities. A seperate file for engines when moving forward along side a different sound for vectoring would be amazing to have to improve the audio experience.
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