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  1. DLC modding & Steam achievements, new maintenance command, rift mission improvements and (fighter) QoL features! Patch 2.3 - Patch Notes Gameplay Added a new Xsotan enemy that dashes Improved Auto Research 3 items are now fed to station AI (instead of 5) Auto Research can now respect the type of items Added a new "Repair Nearby Ships" order for fighters Mothership is always prioritized After mothership is repaired, nearby allied ships are repaired Renamed current "Repair" fighter order to more fitting "Repair Target" "Repair Target" now has the fighters stay at the target after repairing it fully Fighters now return and land once target is destroyed, instead of circling the mothership Added a new "Collect Loot" Fighter order Added a new legendary lightning turret Added a new legendary party turret Increased likelihood of ships appearing while mining/salvaging/etc. Reduced prices of torpedoes by 40% - 80%, depending on rarity and type Steam Achievements & Mods It is now possible to optionally enable Steam Achievements while mods are active Maintenance Command Restock Command has been renamed to Maintenance Command Maintenance can now send a ship to repair the ship, hire crew, buy torpedoes and buy fighters Maintenance is the only command that can be started without functional crew or when the ship is severely damaged Maintenance command can now fill torpedo shafts when buying torpedoes, not just storage UI Object Detector highlights now flash to be easily distinguishable from normal reticles Object Detector no longer highlights docked objects Cargo that is important for missions now has a special icon in Cargo Bay UI Added a milestone for the secret stick ship boss Speech bubbles of the player ship are now shown below the ship, not above it Marking items in inventory as trash now has settings for type & DPS of items Setting for sorting mission items to the top in the inventory is now remembered Into The Rift - Gameplay Added icons to rift monoliths for better orientation Added icons to critical mission objects for better orientation Improved clarity of all rift missions Added icons to mark finished monoliths Rescue of a lost Expedition: The shelter asteroid can now be interacted with Applied Xenology: Added visualizations on where probes can be placed Applied Xenology: Added a button to quickly deploy a probe Applied Xenology: Improved spawning of enemies when placing a probe Xsotan Core Extraction: All monoliths now have larvae Recovery Missions: Added icons to found wreckages for better orientation Removed effects of several rift environmental effects on fighters Acid Fog, Radiation and Xsotan Breeders no longer affect or are affected by fighters Several mission-critical objects are now invincible Adjusted Repair and Attack platform's HP to survive longer, especially in the center Increased amount of Rift Research Data dropped by Xsotan by 50% Increased amount of Rift Research Data gathered by Scientist captain by 50% Increased time it takes a Smuggler captain to procure Rift Research Data Into The Rift - UI Added current ship mass to rift mission mass constraint tooltip Improved phrasing for mass limit to clarify destruction of the ship Dialogs with objects that need batteries now explicitly state that there are batteries nearby Flashing indicator for batteries no longer turns off after some time Batteries no longer flash while docked Weapon chamber switch indicator stops flashing once activated Battery stash indicator flashes after first interaction to make it easier to find again Battery stash indicator stops flashing after opening Into The Rift - Modding Exposed several files of the Into The Rift DLC for modding Performance Improved performance when adding torpedoes while the Torpedoes UI is open Bugfixes Fixed several issues when objects were deleted Fixed an issue where mine/salvage orders weren't stopped properly while fighters were still deployed Fixed an issue where AI ships tried to mine/salvage while weapons were disabled Fixed an issue where some auto pilot buttons were missing while sitting in the ship Fixed some issues where mine/salvage command didn't work and/or gave unhelpful errors Fixed an issue where the location of the Xsotan Swarm Event Boss wasn't sent to players that had logged in during the event Fixed an issue where sparks for beam hits were created when paused Fixed an issue where Acid Fog in Rifts had a higher level than predicted by the mission board Fixed an issue where NPCs attacked marker buoys Fixed notifications overlaying the cursor while selecting a command on the galaxy map Fixed an issue where workforce in crew tab looked janky Fixed an issue where auto research tried to combine invalid items Fixed a possible crash when key bindings file was corrupted [UBR] Fixed an issue where Lasers from the turret factory could be configured to have 0 dps [UBR] Fixed an issue where repair beams could be blocked by impenetrable shields [UBR] Fixed an issue where DPS of weapons with battery charge was calculated incorrectly [UBR] Fixed an issue where the cargo volume wasn't updated correctly when using the Supply operation Fixed several crashes Fixed several spelling issues
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  2. There is a lot of things that I would love to see pulled in from star sector. Like buildling up a planet. The combat control can use work as well. I would like to be able to have people escort a ship, but go out an immediate attack enemies before they reach the ship. The commands need to be fleshed out. Instead of commands you can have ships have states. I.E they are escorting state, guard state, but then they have AI that determines how they interact with AI; Hunt and Pursue, Attack when only attacked, ignore etc. This way you can have ships escort other ships, but change their state when enemies show up. It seems this and star sector have a lot in common. I would like to see more fleshed out Captain traits and the traits refined, a lot of them seem lackluster and not exciting. There should also be more ways for Captains to gain experience and it not being just using commands. I want to be able to see my fleets stats, cargo holds, and details without having to be in the ship to see them. Its kind of annoying to have to load a sector in order to check out if the cargo is full. Quality of life for mining is control miners from the map. I.E. mine sector and when they need to refine I can move them and refine in a sector that has a resource depot without having to send them on a refine command. More factions and better designed ships for factions. Allow miners to mine and refine, not having to tell them to do one or the other. If the goal is to make people use the commands, just make the commands more lucrative and require escorting more. Most important one, advertise this game more. This game is crazy unique and would love to see it grow.
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  3. Estou fazendo essa tradução do Avorion + DLC Black Market. Comecei do zero e sozinho. Está completa e já fiz diversas correções, porém dei uma pausa devido ao lançamento da Nova DLC RIFT que será em agosto. segue em anexo pt_riftV5.po
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  4. Ships currently don't seem to have a "dock" option for the strategic view for ship -> ship docking. This makes creating a large ship carrier troublesome - you can press Control + C to get all of your minions seperated, but you can't put them back on easily. If we want to try something like the Family boss fight does, where he has a couple of smaller "fighters" connected to him, it'd be a chore to reattach each and every single one after every small fight (or you'd just avoid deploying them, in which case - what's the point in flying with 5 "minions"). The suggestion is to create a dock command - either simply telling a ship "dock to this ship", or better yet, an ability to specify which dock it's meant to go on. It'd be a lot quicker to box-select, press dock and wait a short while when they reattach, rather than have to take over 5 different ships, fly to the correct spot, switch to the mothership, select the specific ship we're trying to reattach and hold C when it's slowly flying in and docking.
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  5. Yes, I too have the problems you describe. Yes, they were present before v1.0 Yes, they are still present in 2.0.9 While client performance certainly drops when many objects are on screen, the problems you're complaining about aren't related to the number of objects, the speed of processors, or the latency of networks. I'm running a server on localhost, giving it 8 (out of 12) threads on a 5600X with 16GB of RAM. The server isn't using those cores much - and there's no way to strain the network on localhost. As for RAM, the client stays under 3GB and the server stays around 2GB. Resource-wise there are zero problems. The problem is clearly a multi-threaded deadlock. If the game had a 'single-threaded' mode that removed all mutexes and semaphores and TCP messaging, I'm sure it would run fine. I'm a C / python / etc programmer. I've written real-time systems with sub millisecond timing requirements. I've also done plenty of batch processing, API request processing... etc. Game programming is harder than all that. I think I've met two programmers in my entire life who had the chops to code a multithreaded game engine. Both of them make more money than any game company could pay. Multithreaded code is rare because deadlocks are very very hard to figure out. I've known quite a few decent programmers, and many very good ones. Almost none have the chops for games. In fact I'd say that if we confined the set of game-programmers to people capable of writing multiplayer engines, we would never see a real-time 4x space game. We'd be stuck with single threaded space games, because the top tier multithreaded multiplayer engines aren't simulating any part of the world where players aren't present. Lets take a tour. Elite Dangerous - Had roughly $1.8 million in funding. IMO the best space game available - also multiplayer. Last I checked it still has connection problems where you just get booted and can't log back in until the servers get rebooted. Is that a multithreading problem, a networking problem or a database problem? Don't know but it wouldn't surprise me. Star Citizen - $300 million (according to wikipedia). Unreleased even after 7 years. X - ALL SINGLEPLAYER. First 3 games were single threaded. First multithreaded game ("Rebirth") took years of development and released missing tons of expected features from previous games AND was super buggy for years. Egosoft even skipped numbering for it and launched their 5th game as "X4 Foundations" to convince their fans that they've re-implemented lost features that defined the first 3 games. Stellaris - Largely single threaded. Can't handle a heavily populated medium to large universe because they've coded an NP algorithm to update populations and they can't multithread it (and apparently can't optimize it although one would expect memoization would work well enough). World of Warcraft - Single threaded, Used TCP - lost packets would freeze the game. I had a Linksys router with a firmware bug that occasionally, but reliably miscalculated a tiny fraction of TCP checksums. WoW was unplayable because one lost packet and you lost control. Skyrim - primarily single threaded, zero networking, shipped without optimizations, a user noticed this and made a mod that restored like 20% performance by inlining just a few of the most important tiny function calls. I don't recall how many months (but multiple patches) later it they turned on optimization in a patch. The volume of fixes in 3rd party patches dwarf Bethesda's officially released patches. But enough of that - lets find out how much harder it is to write a multi-threaded program that actually uses concurrency without introducing deadlocks: If you have the problem and the chops, then whip out wireshark and a debugger and identify the source of the deadlock. I've seen entire codebases scrapped and rewritten from scratch because these problems are very tough to identify. Good luck, a lot of people will be very happy if you succeed.
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  6. This has been an error since color palette translation was implemented. About a few months. The reference where the translation is specified is 'data/rgb.txt:' However, 'data/rgb.txt:' does not have a translation tag ' " " t _ x '.
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