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  2. let us choose items to lock to our inventory (like how the rift ripcord and other things are "untradeable" let us select things we want to keep and set a toggle for locking or unlocking them. like for if we want to keep a subsystem as a swapout or something. or if we want to have all mining lasers for fast mining but then quick swap to salvage lasers. also good for alliances so that you dont accidently put something in your alliance inventory and someone else takes it
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  5. I'm assuming you have a Dell server. What are the processors that you have?
  6. Hello, my game crashes every time I start a rift. I tried lowering the graphics, updating my graphics driver, but that didn't change anything. Ideas ? Thanks, have a good day
  7. Chemical factories demand bio gas, water, energy cells, and gas. 4 factories that you can't fit on the holy "fetch from factory" trinity, and it only produces 2 chemicals. The rest are solvents and acid and the such. Just to be able to supply my small ammunition factory, I needed to make a paint factory that also consumed chemicals and even with 3 XXL chemical factories. Not to even mention that trying to set it up to have no deficiencies is a hassle since it demands from a very diverse line of factories. Ammunition also has more inherent value than the gun factory uses ammunition. My issue is, if there was a cargo station (which i know have gotten suggested a bit and there is a mod for that seems to be icky at working for me at best) or if the chemical factory produced more chemicals or if making ammunition didn't demand so much of this one thing that seems to be produced in such lower quantities, it'd fix this bottleneck. As it is, I have three XXL chemical factories trying to feed both a small paint and small ammunition factory that seems to be forever hungry for more detergent.
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  9. I looked in the server log and I’m getting this for all sectors involved: 2023-05-27 13-57-50| FileSecurer error: Reading of all instances of galaxies/MyGalaxy/sectors/-108_132 failed. 2023-05-27 13-57-50| Data of a loaded sector is at version 0.0, which is behind server database version 0.4. Converting. After that all the sectors involved will get the conversion_backup file
  10. Hello, I just got a Nitrado server for Avorion since it was tedious to keep the server on my own PC as my friends could play more than me so I decided to get a server provider instead. I deleted the existing server in the FTP and uploaded my own. When everything was done I logged into the server and it looked alright until I got attacked by pirates in a neutral sector I was owning. It seems that all the neutral zones where I had stations are switched to non-neutral. Every other neutral zone is there it's just the one that had my stations in it. Another thing is that all the Ai stations and my friends ships are gone too. All that is left is my stations and ships. I went to upload the sectors again and I noticed that several sectors had "conversion_backup" in their name. So a new sector was generated in its place with only my stuff in it. I tried to delete the normal sector and change the name of the conversion back to the normal sector but after I joined the server again there was another conversion_backup in the files. I'm going crazy because I don't know what happened or how to fix it. All I did was upload my own galaxy. Changed the ports, name and password in the config so we could join.
  11. I've got the rift expansion, and for the life of me, it is insane trying to dock to objects, no matter how big you make the docking platform. It's just ridiculous sitting there gyrating my ship all over the place, trying to get the stinking things like escape pods to actually dock. It just sits there, and constantly just keeps bouncing off the docking platform that I've got. No matter how many I add trying to get it to dock, it gets pulled in nicely, yet, it won't dock! So YES! PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF US, FIX DOCKING!
  12. Loot should be clumped up. It takes sooooo much time and CPU power to calculate more than one wreck's drop's at the same time. It'd be great to either have an option to tweak scrap drops, or to clump them all up so the game doesn't have to render everything.
  13. Bump So you need to add these lines to the top of your modconfig.lua scriptCachingEnabled = true achievementsEnabled = true It should look something like this: scriptCachingEnabled = true achievementsEnabled = true modLocation = "" forceEnabling = false mods = { {workshopid = "2927158685"}, {workshopid = "2947094789"}, {workshopid = "2940044250"}, {workshopid = "2862429703"}, {workshopid = "2907495160"}, {workshopid = "2772918084"}, {workshopid = "2792015591"}, {workshopid = "2623830187"}, {workshopid = "1769379152"}, {workshopid = "1722652757"}, {workshopid = "1722261398"}, {workshopid = "2662062462"}, {workshopid = "2087266240"}, {workshopid = "2566575381"}, {workshopid = "1990733216"}, {workshopid = "2130272263"}, {workshopid = "2855281675"} } allowed = { }
  14. Уважаемые разработчики аворион. Я думаю, что дипломатию нужно улучшить, вот пара идей. 1. Добавить Просмотр Войн Фракций (Кто с кем воюет) 2. Возможность присоединиться к войнам определенных фракций. 3. Возможность быть наемником за определенную фракцию. (Например, нападение на конвой другой фракции) 4. Добавить дипломатическую миссию от имени фракции (требование состоять в альянсе. Например, отправить гуманитарную помощь фракции, атакованной пиратами.) 5. Возможность для игрока создать свою фракцию и настроить ее.
  15. I like to keep all my projects saved on cloud. in this instance, i use Github. I noticed that when i initialize the directory for git control, all those git meta file are added to the list of files for the mod to be uploaded. This suggestion is not required but would make things easier, because right now i have to keep the development in a separated folder because of Git. When i need to test the mod, i have to copy everything to the avorion's appdata mod folder.
  16. so... what files do i look in to change to do a spesific song when somthing is happening?
  17. I'm requesting that factory production not be tied to the max limit of one item being hit, halting the entire line of products. Some products are vital to other factories while others are not and they hold up ALL factories in that line of production because one item hits its max limit, and automation becomes a pipe dream. Logic would suggest that production at that factory for that one item simply stop as the others are allowed to continue. Thank you for your consideration.
  18. I'm requesting that Bio Gas production is not just a fixed number that comes with the animals, but is given functionality of its own, derived from the animals, and their size. As it stands, if buyers come and don't get the animals, but just simply go after the Bio Gas, or don't come at all, the ONLY way to fix the situation temporarily is to dump the animals so more Bio Gas is created, which is a real problem. If you've ever passed by or lived on a farm, you KNOW that Bio Gas is being generated "non stop" by these animals. Unless of course you turn the animals into food. 😜 Plus there is the issue with Bio Gas that it's a very small quantity that is given per animal. The animals should be producing the Bio Gas on a constant basis, not simply assigned a fixed number. It causes a huge production bottleneck that has to be corrected manually on a continual basis. Thank you for your consideration. I love the game, I look forward to new functionality and improvements. And of course, hoping you consider my request.🙂
  19. what tone bruh I asked wtf is going on and if this game is going to be continued as I see no updates around get off ur high horse , barely anyone resposnds to most new posts here lmao , I was talking about the activity of the devs not players still being around on discord , same issues on steam discussions too and the newer reviews on the game , saw some others complaining abt this on reddit too soo I'm sure I'm not the only one , the hardwere outdated is absolute bs I got this pc about a month ago and this game is literally the only one giving me problems , just cause u don't have these issues doesn't mean it's the hardware of others being shoddy. Won't bother arguing pointless bs like this any further I just asked if it's worth waiting for any updates as I wanted to support the devs further with the dlc and such as I loved the game. "old hardware" Ryzen 5 5600X w/ 3070 Ti , sure as hell it ain't my pc seen others with similar setups having the same issue
  20. Maybe change your tone and people might respond, be a bit more constructive and social. That being said... ...check the Avorion discord, there's lots of activity there. I for one didn't even have an account here, but have always been on Discord. ...while there is lag and performance issues late-game, what you describe would sooner be related to hardware being old or not up-to-date. I have 100's of hours in this game, never had anything more then a few lag spikes in busy sectors/battles. ...you do realise this game is already quite some years old? Its fairly understandable games' population dies out at some point. Happens to all games.
  21. Very annoying to have AI ships salvaging wrecks just to be destroyed by the wrecks exploding, suggestion is in the title. Either update the AI to detect and move away from the wrecks when exploding or remove the damage thats caused when the explosions occur.
  22. Hey! This problem could not be reproduced. For further investigation I would like to have a closer look at your savegame. Could you upload the corresponding folder (.avorion/galaxies/*) to weTransfer (or another provider like weTransfer) and send a bug report to https://www.avorion.net/bugtracker/report.php with the download link?
  23. I am encountering a pretty critical bug on my dedicated server related to factory creation. I've tested with several different asteroid mines (coal, copper, gold) all results are the same but have not yet tested with a station built factory. Though I suspecting it may be linked to a root problem. When creating a factory, the "trade goods" window that allows a factory owner to see stats, set buy/sell price, view production line information remains blank where production information should be shown. Despite a green message below saying the factory should be performing normally. I've made sure the asteroid mine also contains cargo hold, crew, assemblies, etc. From here two scenarios can happen. If I click the button in the bottom left to upgrade the factory. It instantly kills the server. If the leave the broken factory running and I log out then log back into the server. The server crashes. Then all attempts to log back into the server fail. My suspicion in laymans terms is something wrong is happening between when I click create a factory and then game is supposed to run some kind of function that looks into the factory.lua and provide basic production info. I've attempted to rule out mods by disabling all mods prior to restoring my dedicated server test back up and attempting to recreate the factory several ways. I've also done a Steam Integrity Verification with no such luck. The recurring section of the log that seems to stick out to me constantly is something similar to below. 2023-04-18 20-35-57| <Server> Player FiestaMasta joined the galaxy 2023-04-18 20-35-58| T: 139997241284352 2023-04-18 20-35-58| Object: N2cp13ServerScriptsE 2023-04-18 20-35-58| Execution Context (inner to outer): 2023-04-18 20-35-58| #0: Factory.restore data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua 2023-04-18 20-35-58| 2023-04-18 20-35-58| could not execute function 'Factory.restore' in '"data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua"': 2023-04-18 20-35-58| 2023-04-18 20-35-58| data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:488: attempt to index upvalue 'production' (a nil value) 2023-04-18 20-35-58| stack traceback: 2023-04-18 20-35-58| data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:488: in function 'updateOwnSupply' 2023-04-18 20-35-58| data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:168: in function <data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:151> Something similar happens when I click the upgrade button on the factory where it says could not execute function Factory.OnUpgradePressed or something similar. This is the last section of the log I can tell when I click the upgrade button and the server crashes. Object: N2cp13ServerScriptsE 2023-04-18 20-50-15| Execution Context (inner to outer): 2023-04-18 20-50-15| #0: Factory.onUpgradeProductionButtonPressed data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua 2023-04-18 20-50-15| 2023-04-18 20-50-15| could not execute function 'Factory.onUpgradeProductionButtonPressed' in '"data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua"': 2023-04-18 20-50-15| 2023-04-18 20-50-15| data/scripts/lib/productions.lua:108: attempt to index local 'production' (a nil value) 2023-04-18 20-50-15| stack traceback: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| data/scripts/lib/productions.lua:108: in function 'getFactoryUpgradeCost' 2023-04-18 20-50-15| data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:1371: in function <data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:1357> 2023-04-18 20-50-15| 2023-04-18 20-50-15| Starting thread [Stacktrace Sender]... 2023-04-18 20-50-15| Started thread [Stacktrace Sender] with id 139625101043456 2023-04-18 20-50-15| Sending crash report ... 2023-04-18 20-50-15| tried path "/home/container/gs-02" 2023-04-18 20-50-15| Thread 139625101043456 Received signal SIGABRT 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625789945600]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentFunction [139625789945600]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625150539520]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentFunction [139625150539520]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625781552896]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentFunction [139625781552896]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| CurrentScript [139625142146816]: 2023-04-18 20-50-15| Thread Name [139625823516416]: Create Sectors WorkerPool Thread 0 serverlog 2023-04-18 20-47-10.txt
  24. .... welp guess silence is just another form of answer to a question..
  25. As the title states, I'm having massive performance issues when running the game as a dedicated server on separate hardware. the server it self is quite powerful with dual 12core 24thread CPU's and 72GB of ram total, Main issues I'm having is multiple server ticks taking longer than 1 second and server frames going longer than 1 second according to the server CMD window. this is all with just myself connected to the server over LAN. I've tried upping the threads and other options in the ini files but to no avail. any info on how I could get better performance would be greatly appreciated!
  26. Doubt u'll get much help... especially after months of silence things look pretty much dead around here. IMO and from my experience as I had a similar error on another game it most likely has something to do with the drivers especially of the video card , I fixed mine by moving back to an older driver on which the game used to work just fine. Sorry that's all I've got...
  27. Came back to this after years and I am rather saddened by what I have seen soo far... The forum itself seems to be quite dead as well...? First thing I noticed is the cool mods like the turret customization or the bigger asteroids are completely abandoned and also gone , like u can't even download them anymore? Second the game itself... simply runs WORSE than when I left , I am not talking about fps or graphical issues , I am talking about the "lag" which is bloody insane and infuriating in OFFLINE play some sort of input delay like bigger battles when factions attack each others the game literally craps itself ships teleport back n forth some blow up instantly others spin around and are indestructible or while they fight I was trying to use the Lab to combine some turrets.... yeah could put the turrets in but that's it u can press the button but nothing happens , then I left to get a coffee and after a few MINUTES it finally gave me the finished turret.... [the ships fighting in the background were still spinning like fidget spinners] anyways.. almost EVERYWHERE I go if there are a lot of ships the game just runs... backwards. Not only that tho even an empty sector just me and 3 alien ships and it STILL HAD that rancid delay on everything I did , they were teleporting and dying like 7 secs after their whole health already hit 0. And here I thought coming back with a far better pc will make the game more fun... but somehow it's WORSE! What the hell is going on?! nobody is saying anything no news no nothing. Can this laggy delay crap be fixed ? Am I missing something?? I just wanna know if this is just a dead end project... Is it even worth investing time in this game [like it's gonna improve] or just nope? The overall silence on this game is truly depressing.
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