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  2. Not asking to have stations become ships, but you should be able to rotate and move short distances. Engines = No Way. Thrusters = Yes. Please. Gyros = Yes, please.
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  4. You could kinda force this by having two nearly identical ship designs saved, one with barriers over the fighter launch bays and one with them open. Switch back and forth to change which hangers are available. That would be a pain in the ass.
  5. Last week
  6. This may be mostly thematic, but it also has a functional/workaround aspect. Depending on fighter speed and maneuverability, small hangers are hard for them to dock with. My suggestion is to give players the option of designating which hangers may launch and which dock fighters. This would allow a ship design with multiple tiny "launch bays or tubes", and a larger "landing bay". This could both be thematically pleasing (Thinking Battlestar Galactica design here, but there are many others), but also functionally effective, allowing multiple launches in quick succession and an easier docking of the returning craft.
  7. This issue is still happening. The probable cause is the fighter collision detection when large group of fighters return in a tight bunch.
  8. Be nice to has someone follow you and not necessarily have them go berserk if someone comes by
  9. Have the same problem with a Noble Metal mine. It occassionally stops selling/buying anything, so far I've only been able to temporarily fix it by enabling/disabling transport mode. Also have a factory next to it that's always been working perfectly fine.
  10. Saw that 2.3 brought achievement toggle option with mods, but we are unable to figure out how to apply this to a dedicated server. Does anyone know how to?
  11. Moin, I recently build a kubernetes Avorion setup and realised some difficulties with the server. Therefore i want to suggest some changes for the server. It would be nice to be able to configure specifc paths for: logs sectors folder other persistent data folders (alliances, factions, moddata, players) stats/performance files Currently we can't use ConfigMaps, because the servers needs write-access to the configuration files. So it would be nice to setup the server configs as "read-only": admin.xml blacklist + whitelist files server.ini best regards Sadarex
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  13. https://datebest.net - visit website and win smartphone!
  14. Currently, AI will only attempt to fire once all of it's guns are in range. This can cause problems if you want to equip a ship with both a long range coaxial gun and some closer range chain guns or bolters for defense if someone gets too close. The ship will instead rush down the target and only fire the long range gun once the closer range weapons are within range (even if said close range weapons are fully automated). Here is my suggestion to remedy this. A) Allow the ship to toggle weapon groups depending on range. If the target is within range of the long range guns and out of range of the short range guns the ship will turn off the short range guns and fire only the long range group. If the target gets within range of the short range weapon group the ship will turn on that weapon group as well. B) Allow the player to select the preferred engagement range for the ship. The intent of these additions will allow for more control over the role of AI ships in combat, which will add more diversity to gameplay. It will allow for easier control over what ships are brawlers and artillery ships.
  15. https://datebest.net - visit website and win smartphone!
  16. My idea is to be able to certain commands to specific ships. Use it mainly to issue jump commands. It would work like this: issue a jump command to one of your ships like normal. This command would then be bound to a hotkey. Say one of your in a hairy firefight and one of your ships is about to be destroyed, now you can have it jump away at the push of a button. Or to call in reinforcements.
  17. I've been noticing recently in the modding space that Avorion only has a single instance of the engine sound file for thrusters, engines (going forward), and idle. Having a seperate audio file instance for each action would allow some fun sound opportunities. A seperate file for engines when moving forward along side a different sound for vectoring would be amazing to have to improve the audio experience.
  18. Coming back to Avorion after having stopped for a while, I noticed an issue while I was applying some turret blueprints to turret blocks. Once a blueprint has been applied to a turret block - even if there is no turret attached - it will continue to display a hologram of the turret blueprint... and it seems there is no way to remove that attached turret blueprint or the associated turret hologram. About the only thing players can do is replace the current turret blueprint with a different turret blueprint. Even then, from henceforth, there will always be a turret blueprint and turret hologram affixed to that turret block. I asked on the official Discord and the answer I got confirms this. Except, it was explained to me that there was a janky workaround to remove the attached turret blueprint and hologram: But doing so requires DELETING the turret block and then REBUILDING it. Personally, I think relying on such a workaround is less than desirable. Wouldn't it be better to have a button in the turret blueprint screen to simply "remove", "delete" or "detach" the current blueprint from the turret block?
  19. How not included - the fifth point 🙂
  20. I found hidden in the little left menu a powerful tool that allows you to view different blocks by material type, combining this with the replace tool in the blocks menu allows very quick modification of craft. Within this system you have the capability to add in a 3D rendering of common landmarks, the Statue of Liberty stood out most to me. My suggestion to get to the point, could you add the capability to pull 3D renderings of our own designs to give us a sense of scale, or to view a previous design to duplicate an aspect of? Thank you very much for your consideration.
  21. Surprised you didn't include skyrim
  22. Is this mod dead like so many others on here?
  23. 100% agree, why should I even arm Mining ships if they dont fight back?!
  24. 100% agree, it is very annoying that ships either do not really defend themselves or their escort targets - they just passively idle while my transporter gets blown up... SAD :-(
  25. Factions could use some work, buts its already on the roadmap, some of the ideas here are good imho, but not all of them. I would love to see logos on maps for example, but I am not a big fan of factions claiming everything within their borders - that would leave the player to have nothing to do in the end...
  26. Hey there, I discovered this game in the steam winter sale, and the UI/UX is the only major gripe I have with the game currently... Is there any update on this?
  27. Is there anyone that can assist, or a more direct way to get troubleshooting, as this issue still persists.
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