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  2. i would like to be able to put my random cargo into one of these and let it sell to npc traders, since it sells random items. but it looks like it only sells that cargo if its on its own random stock lists. i request that trading posts also sell cargo i put into it. as a way to take the micro-management out of trading hundreds of different items.
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  4. thanks. need to hit the vote button at the top of the thread though.
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    form fleets

    I like this idea 😃 thumbs up by me!
  8. How to reproduce: Make a stack of multiple solar panels of thickness 0.0002 (that seems the smallest thickness Avorion will process reliably). The stack should be in a place where it can be easily grabbed with rectangle selection. Next, select and copy the stack. Then place it anywhere on the hull as a super-effective panel. Watch the total generated energy go up like crazy. Example below. In the ship in the image, the square on the right outrigger is a stack of 50 solar panels of size 1 x 0.0002 x 1. That makes for a total size of 1 x 0.01 x 1. One solar panel that size produces 2 MW, the stack produces about 100 MW. The player is about to place one of those stacks. The change in generated energy is shown in green in the stats. For a comparison of efficiency, the titanium energy generator at the bow of the ship has a size of 1 x 1 x 1 and an output of 82.5 MW. A possible quick fix: Require a thickness of at least 0.025 for the solar panels. Then a stack with size of 1 x 1 x 1 would have at most 40 stacked panels and produce 80 MW, roughly at the level of the titanium energy generator. Better: Only allow panels at the surface of the ship.
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    game crashes/ not responding!

    im still having the problem, its like the server cant cope with the placement of items, ( ive built like an engine room and factorys ) and has somewhat 50k blocks and just does not want to be placed, ive tried to shrink both the ship and the part but still just cant place the bugger, everything drops to 1 fps and over 2000 ping ,
  10. To clarify Bubbet suggestion. Yes we can do this: local blockPlan = LoadPlanFromFile("path/to/plan") local design = CraftDesign() design:setMovePlan(blockPlan) but apparently this doesn't load the turret plans that are also included in the craft plan
  11. I'm requesting a function that would allow to get all sectors controlled by a faction through influence (client-side and maybe server-side): local sectors = {Galaxy():getFactionControlledSectors(int factionIndex)} Why? Right now on both client & server we can get all sectors that are owned (have stations in them) by a faction (at least the ones that player/alliance know about): local sectors = {Player():getKnownSectorsOfFaction(int factionIndex)} But all owned sectors have influence that spreads in a circle shape around them. And currently there is no performance-friendly way to get list of sectors controlled by a faction through influence. Currently to get that list I have to do the following: Get all owned sectors of a faction Get the "influence" stat from their SectorView Transform this influence value into a radius (which is bigger than it actually is for some reason) local approximateRadius = math.sqrt(influenceValue / math.pi) Get all sectors that completely fit in that radius For each of them call this function: Galaxy():getControllingFaction(n, m) It takes 1-1.2 seconds to get this info for 1/7 of a galaxy. Not very fast, but right now there is just no other way to do this.
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  13. which is something that would destroy sectors due to everything flying so far out of the sector it would take increasing amounts of time to get there. while i agree the drag is annoying, it still needs to be there for basic game function. hence the solution i posted, which would make drag negligible in the middle of a sector, while still serving the needed function of the sector falling apart and ejecting objects.
  14. endless boost? i didn't write that.. where have you read that? engines consuming power when accelerating, slowing down or changing direction no resistance in vacuum!!!! that's why you have inertial dampeners on ships and stations....... if you hit a small asteroid with a fast moving big ship that asteroid should gain velocity equal to the mass and speed of the ship in the opposite direction and should not slow down on its own https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theory_of_relativity
  15. there is a loot mod on the steam work that highlights drops the same way as the mining system does asteroids https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1747690472 IFTL loot display
  16. i would like to be able to set a few simple behaviours for my ships. possibly though the captain. examples; aggression: low-med-high. would determine if the ships tried harder to evade enemy shots or keep its own guns on target. range: low-med-high. would determine if the ship would get as close as it can to get shots on target, or try to keep at maximum range of its guns. self preservation: low-med-high. would determine when a ship tries to jump out of sector due to damage seek repair: low-med-high. would determine if a ship simply accepted lost blocks, waits until im in sector to ask for repairs, or jump to the closest known/assigned repair dock. (would give more value to player owned repair docks.) profile: scout/non combat-defend-engage. would determine if a ship boosts away from attackers(rather than sit still and be shot to bits.), hovers neartries to heal friendlies or goes off to engage enemies anyone who played warzone2100 should have a good idea what im thinking about.
  17. inspired by sins of a solar empire and other games. i would like to be able to set a ship as a flagship, and then assign other ships to its group. functionally, this would de-clutter the ship list on the galaxy map, and mean i only need to issue an order to one ship, to get the whole fleet to move with it.
  18. given the vast discrepancies in block mass, this would make designing ships a lot more challenging, and likely break the npc ships. but a lot of people just want their ships to look cool and put all the engines completely inside their ship, with only superficial thruster "plates" exposed as an "option" i would like the extra physics to be a thing when designing ships, since its something to work around and would force more creative solutions than "armour brick". but then, i would like for engines and thrusters lose thrust proportionally to how covered they are in that direction.(excluding holograms and other engine/thruster blocks stacked on them.)
  19. the inertia/drag is needed to prevent problems like sector objects getting scattered about. imagine if you accidentally nudge your new gold mine with a big ship, only to find a week or 2 later its 50000km away from the jump point. and npc traders take several hours to get to it. and thats if some bug in the co-ordinates doesnt break the sector. my idea would be, having it the drag effect scale. from say 1% of current in the middle of a sector, to 100% at 100km and becomes a force that pushes things back to the centre some time after that to prevent bugs, could be more interesting.
  20. So you want to have endless boost, not depending on your ships energy ? It would be realistc, but bad for gameplay
  21. For a long time without updating my mod, I got some hours to make some changes looking for what players wants. What's New in version 1.19.0? - Many files are removed from the main mod to create new mods, now you can decide what you want and what you don't. You can find all separated mods here: - Musics: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2151610771 - Interface Sounds: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2151615899 - Colorized Pixels: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2151615346 - Asteroid Texture: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2151616241 - C43 Object Detector: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1937691308 - About the Hyperdrive sound, I remade it. Now the sound is better and it will not disturb you anymore. (I think :V) Any questions, pls.. ask me on the Avorion's Discord; Ty for everyone that play my mod..
  22. Be able to set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to auto. so it will calculate number of live sectors based on memory in server, and number of players. For example a Singleplayer server has aliveSectorsPerPlayer set to 500 by default, and a Multiplayer server set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to 5 as default. For example, if only 2 players are on the server, and it has enough memory then it should auto set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to (500 / number of players) = 250. Another option would be to set it based on max players on server, so a server with a max player setting of 20 would set (500 / 20) = 25. The server I like to play on is set to 9, and most of the time there are no more then 3 players a once logged in. half my mining ships are in non simulated sector and just show Zzz. If aliveSectorsPerPlayer was auto then they would be mining. Thank you Lordzer
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    Game Mode - Warlord

    Hello, I think Avorion needs a second game mode, especially for singleplayers. I call it "Warlord" and it's set in a smaller galaxy where the goal is tho search and destroy the citadel of one ore more warlords. The galaxy could be half the size of the current galaxy. The materials can appear in any system but better materials and modules are less common (iron is everywhere, titan is rarer, and avorion is super rare). The enemys scale with you (depending on firepower and amount of ships, stations, ...), with these galaxy-settings one can fly everytime everywhere in the galaxy and build stations wherever he wants. Factions are much smaller and have a fixed strenght and expand much lesser. Now to the main-quest, the galaxy is getting terrorized by one or more warlords, and it is on you to find and destroy them, so you have to find informations of positions from outposts and stations (X and Y coordinates from shipwrecks of them or something). If you've enough informations from stations or you randomly found the citadel of a warlord the annihilation of the citadel is your last goal. But if you've destroyd enough outposts, stations and fleets in the galaxy the defender-army of the citadel getting weaker as well as the citadel by itself. So to defeat the citadel you probably have to defeat it step by step, build your own empire, recruit enough allies, or if you're brave enough you build a huge ship that can defeat it all by itself. Yeah, sure, it might be a total shitty idea but the current game or mode is a bit to linear - getting nearer and nearer the center and never going back to the outer edge, so there is pretty much useless space. Also the different materials have much more usage. Thanks for listening.
  25. I finally found way to rescue a galaxy made before 0.29 by renaming Aluminium and Silicium. The cause of the problem and solution to it is described in the link below. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2150761512
  26. I finally found way to rescue a galaxy made before 0.29 by renaming Aluminium and Silicium. The cause of the problem and solution to it is described in the link below. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2150761512
  27. It would be great to have a way of knowing text width & height (height is more important actually) before rendering it or creating an element for it. -- function getTextDimensions(text, fontSize, maxWidth, fontType, isBold, isItalic, isOutlined, isShadowed) -- Arguments: -- string text -- int fontSize -- int maxWidth (maximum text width, after exceeding it text should use new lines) -- FontType fontType (optional, default: FontType.Normal) -- bool isBold (optional, default: false) -- bool isItalic (optional, default: false) -- bool isOutlined (optional, default: false) -- bool isShadowed (optional, default: false) local w, h = getTextDimensions("The \\c(0d0)hideout\\c() is located in \\s(45:15)", 15, 400) Or maybe it would be easier to implement "textWidth" and "textHeight" read-only properties for TextField and Label elements that would tell the actual width and height of their assigned text, so we could instantly resize it after creating. Why? Here is an example. Let's say we have multiple rows with various text in a ScrollFrame. If we're using static pre-determined row heights, we will get empty spaces after text or text that goes out of the designated rectangle. Even with auto-resize (shrinking), huge amount of text would look ugly, being too small and unreadable (also auto-shrinking doesn't work with multi-line labels). Having a way to know the actual height of the text would allow to create rows that would fit the text no matter what. Why not just create this function in Lua? Because we would have to manually extract relative width for every character in Unicode font (TTF fonts support up to 65535 characters ) for every font (not just vanilla, but the modded ones too!) And because we would have to re-implement the Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm in Lua (which would have low performance)
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