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  3. Hello. Same problem on iMac Model Name: iMac Model Identifier: iMac 24" М1 4.5К (MJV93UA/A) Chip: Apple M1 Total Number of Cores: 8 Memory: 8 GB System Firmware Version: 7459.101.3 OS Loader Version: 7459.101.3
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  5. I wish the game was multi-interactive when in strategic mode like in other RTS games. Just being able to only move, then rotate, and then zoom one at a time is an inconvenience. If I can move and rotate my camera at the same time, then I can give orders and click things more quickly, thus having a massive armada of ships more fun and interactive.
  6. At the moment you need to go to the main menu to switch if time stops or not. So if you generally want the time to run, and something happens, you have to stop and either care about that or make the switch.
  7. I've been saying this for a while now, but: Fighter Factories in iron, titanium, and naonite sectors make no sense, neither do most of the fighters they offer for sale. This is because by the time you get fighters, an iron mining fighter is practically useless -you are at the very least in trinium mining and production. SUGGESTION: Make available highly expensive craft with advanced parts in shipyards. This would mean that you could buy craft with, for example, shields, or a carrier that actually carries things because it has a hangar while in the iron sectors. Due to the (relatively) new tech tree, this would not break the game, as the player would not be able to do anything with the materials if they remove the item because they cannot rebuild it themselves (they can at best rebuild a ship around the item they bought the ship for), and it would not be a viable way of sourcing materials in the early sectors, as the price would be very high. This would enable rare encounters against lightly shielded craft or carriers while in early sectors, allow the player to have access to fighters (by purchasing them) at lower tiers, AND make the existence of fighter factories in titanium regions (and iron/titanium fighters in general) logical.
  8. I got paid 300k to help one faction fight a battle against another faction. Naturally, the end result is I am now at war against that faction -given I had decent relations with them beforehand, the 300k doesn't really seem to cover the relations damage I took (especially given that to fix it I have to pay a few million). I suggest that either on military missions, you be granted a "Letter of Marque" for fighting in the sector of the mission where your relations with the other faction won't drop to "at war", or that you get an upgrade that prevents your ship from being identified for X minutes (before being destroyed) so your actions don't hurt your relations.
  9. I mean I think it'd be cool. It could make progression slightly easier or harder depending on how its done. Of course it would have to have its own new system to do this. It could also open the door for several new items or features. Like new materials to build with. New block types to build onto your ship. New way to craft weapons/mining weapons. New way to craft subsystems. Potentially upgrade current turrets or current subsystems. The possibilities are endless. This was just what I could think of off the top of my head. Obviously it could come with its own issues in terms of balancing. But I mean, thats why you would test things out and make sure to get the communities opinion.
  10. While 2.0 was a pretty controversial update and I prefer the functionality of 1.0 much more, I do like a lot of aspects of 2.0 and hence I prefer it overall alongise the 1.0 orders mods. However there is a big gap still left by 2.0 that mods dont and cant fill. Trade. As trade exist now, supplying factories is the only aspect that actually feels like trade. The buy and sell commands feel identical to the mining command for something that should be very different. The entire fun of trade is finding stations with a demand and finding stations with a supply and meeting those needs. The current system doesnt offer this at all and really alienates trade centric players like me who want to play 2.0 and enjoy the new features but have to sacrifice the most appealing part of the game. The trade missions are even worse feeling like Expeditions but with a different title. It's basically the exact same command. My suggestion is this, make the buy command and sell command work the same way the supply station command does! Issuing a buy command will let you select what product to buy and from what station with multiple products being an option and the sell command the same but.. .well, selling! The command should be an improvement from 1.0 like the supply stations command was, not a complete gutting like it feels like now. I strongly hope the devs will consider this as it is the ONLY thing holding back the pre 2.0 crowd from using the 1.0 orders mod and being happy. I know several people who either wont play on my server because its 2.0 and killed trade or wont buy the game at all. Please consider this as it can only be a positive addition to the game. For those that want to just click a square and forget? Make it an option. Simple procure and advanced procure, simple sell advanced sell, everyones happy. New players get a simple system and veterans get the depth we want from trade. Edit: With these changes it would make sense to make the trade command be a combination of the procure and sell commands telling ships to source from x factory and deliver to y. In addition you could source from your own stations making the trade command an easy way to distribute your goods!
  11. If I am at war with you and I destroy your ship, your goods are spoils, not stolen. I suggest that if a ship from a faction you are at war with drops something when you destroy it, you be allowed to pick it up without consequence.
  12. Currently all you can do in the fleet screen is recalling your ship from orders, show it on the galaxy map, take stuff and look at the captain's stats. It would be a lot more useful, if (with a button in most cases) you could: - See ships stats (or add some basics in a mouse over like for the caption: current hull and shield HP with %, current sector order - open the ship menu - enter to the ship - give sector orders - an icon for "under attack" - an icon for "docked to a station" - if docked, create menu for actions like hiring and trade - basically you don't have to jump inot a ship to so stuff. - a "take all" button Also it would be nice if there were custom group tabs, where you could put your ships in order e.g. what they are doing or what size they have. A tab for your battle ships, one for the minser,s one for the traders...
  13. From what I can see on my comp Avorion and the Avorion server each use 1 CPU core and together about 3GB of RAM (may get bigger in later game stages, I am still relativly early.) The build screen definitely sucks CPU. That said, while 8GB seem to be a little small, it should work if you have nothing else running. Did you put your APU to use the maximum amount of RAM in the bios? It might still be set to 512MB. How are your frame rates? But with just that data nothing can be said. Open your Task Manager, go to processes, sort by CPU and look what you find (or screenshot).
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  15. Exactly what the title says. I request the addition of a block into Avorion, which is shaped like a drone and cannot be resized. It disappears when you are in your drone, and reappears when you reenter your ship. Wherever you place this block on your ship - even inside - that is where the drone will spawn. That will give an actual functionality to decorative pieces.
  16. Yes, this would be a nice QoL implementation... It is annoying to have to teleport to everyship before order a new route
  17. Aye, with the old command system you could have a ship mine the asteroids in a given sector and then automatically refine ores (if needed) once it's hold got full, instead of needing to find a whole bunch of good sectors in a single spot AND take 3x longer than it used to be. That and/or also enchaining commands in the strategy mode/view so people that are sector in can specifically direct miners to multiple desired asteroids in a row instead of having to wait for each and every asteroid is completely mined before being able to order them to the next one. (should also mention that the auto-pilot/strategy mode AI likes to move on early when titanium 'roids and other large chunks break off, which means that half or more of an asteroid can be completely ignored/forgotten, resulting in a very early order completion)
  18. Absolutely yes, this way people can build without needing to mirror a ship or place the hull/armor last.
  19. Absolutely yes. If torpedoes are able to be bought en masse with a specific warhead and body then they should be able to be produced on board. That said, doing such might be difficult to balance with the current torpedo system due to it not being materiel (iron/titanium) based. There is also the problem of how little torpedoes' range, speed, and acceleration (which may mean maneuverability would need to be increased as well) is improved as the game progresses compared to turreted weapons gaining much greater range, and types of weapons that have an inherently better range per tech level, in addition to their ability to spawn with ammo type modifiers that increase damage even further as tech level increases. This effectively causes torpedoes to be less and less useful as toward the center of the galaxy.
  20. That article is useless, it is like telling someone to go download more ram... The problem with avorion is that some different things use A LOT of CPU and ram. Graphic settings all on ultra wil make your CPU run at 100%... Using a huge fleet with multiple commanders and them controlling the ships and doing tasks. Using multiple sectors and switching them on a dime, both wil bring the ram usage to 100% no matter what you got. So long story short, lower your graphic settings until you no longer at cpu 100%. Then keep in mind not to load 10+ sectors or having 10+ ships doing different tasks at the same moment. Editor also seems to do some crazy things towards the ram, I always reboot my game after having been in the editor. Right now If I play with 2 miners and 1 fighter to back them up for when they get attacked. Running at | CPU 30-40% | Ram 7GB (44%) | GPU 30% | CPU i5-4690K 3.5 GHz Ram 16 GB GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4 GB VRam Like if your pc is being bottlenecked by the ram you can increase overal preformance by adding ram. But your problem seems to be bottlenecked by something else because 8 GB ram is enough. Don't you have a video card??? If not, it explains why your cpu is running at 100% always... Also remember to not have 10.000 window tasks running in the background.
  21. Hello there, everyone. First and foremost, I am not a techie. That is why, in order to resolve this problem, I need some good answers from all of you. I recently installed 'Avorion' from Steam on my Windows 10 PC, but task manager shows that while gaming, both the RAM and CPU usage are at 100%. I'm not sure what's causing this. Can these steps https://www.thewindowsclub.com/high-disk-memory-usage-when-playing-games assist me in resolving my problem? I'm a little confused because I've never done anything like this before. Please respond on this subject. My Current PC Setup: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G RAM: 8 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz Motherboard: Gigabyte A320m-S2H HDD: Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB SSD: Crucial BX500 240GB
  22. Let's face it, wrecked stations that you come across are usually not worth even doing anything to: You salvage it for almost an hour for a hamdful of copper and titanium. Wrecked ships are a little better -they're faster to salvage and you get more for the time you put into it (not to mention better chances of finding useful items or upgrades). Something that would make not only finding wrecks and piracy more fun (and viable, for the latter), but also add in a bit of flavor, would be the ability to dock with wrecks and send security teams in to search them for loot. The security team might find nothing, or might find cargo/money/upgrades, or a survivor asking for transport to the nearest friendly sector, or might find a pirate trap that ambushes them and tries to overpower their way into your ship to hijack it. In my opinion, this sounds kind of fun and adds to things I can do when flying through sector after sector trying to get to where I want to go.
  23. Just an idea I had while playing. Thought it would be nice to be able to build your own network of jump gates (especially if you have a base in an area with a lot of tears in space) -something that lets you use up some of those resources you stock up on, while giving you the benefit of being able to travel around quickly in an area you use a lot (or have "claimed" for yourself), as well as generating extra income from tolls.
  24. A passing thought of mine: I would like to see my big ships have more lumbering fights full of guns and explosions than the current zip around and maybe eventually hit something fights. I mean it makes sense for a smaller ship that has lighter armor to be something that darts in and out, but the way engines work in this game, it's easier for the larger ships to be far faster and more maneuverable. The easiest way I could think of to accomplish it was by changing boosting itself. Rather than having it be a function of normal engines, I'd suggest that boosting be controlled by its own engine blocks which have a reduced speed increase as ship mass increases, and which decrease maximum speed while weapons are in use. This would make it easier to have faster smaller ships while larger ships tend to be more lumbering in comparison, and decrease the overall speed of ships in battles (this would also prevent larger ships from easily outrunning fighters in combat) Just a passing muse I thought I would write down here and see what people thought of it.
  25. Fighter production is disabled while ships are on missions, while cloningbay and academy seems to work. Please change it, that the fighter production continues, while a ship is in an "off map mission", because right now you have to park a ship somewhere to build fighters. Especially on long mining missions it would be convinient, if the mining carrier keeps producing his fighters, even if the newly build fighters won't change the revenue of the current mission, as the build times for fighters could be very long.
  26. Hello friends! This is my first post as a long time player, tinkerer, and lurker of these forums. I'm very proud to show off my very first "real" build of a ship to you all. I am a rabid maniacal fan of the original Mass Effect Trilogy, and have probably 5 thousand hours spent playing every conceivable ending. The lore and Mythos of Mass Effect 1 especially holds a very near and dear place in my heart for the wonder I experienced all those years ago as a young boy holding my Xbox 360 controller for the first time. Alas, that wonder could hold itself back no longer and I soon created fan fictions and cosplays to my heart's content. but enough about me, you came here to see the ship, right? It's styled after the Normandy SR2, but built for long expeditions and heavy combat. One part Heavy Cruiser, One part Battle Ship, One part Aircraft Carrier. The Renegade can flex to many different rolls. 15 Slots, built like a brick house, and still nimble enough to line up a coax shot on a Xsotan frigate if you're feeling froggy. This is a work in progress, and with my limited free time I may only occasionally update the model etc. Feel free to download and modify the ship as you see fit, all I ask is for credit on the original work. ||JUST IN CASE, SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT BELOW|| ME1 Codec Voice: "During the siege of the illusive man's facilities following Commander Shepard's victory in the galactic core, The alliance uncovered troves of Cerberus Archives and the skeleton of a massive ship. Constructed of an ultra dense, yet light material, it's durability rivaled that of Reaper ships. With the massive collaborative efforts of the Alliance Scientists and Operative Miranda Lawson, the schematics were eventually pieced back together and construction could resume under new management. At nearly 5 Km Long, The Renegade was the first and only ship of the Olympus class ever constructed. With astronomical costs pulling resources away from the ongoing war with the reaper fleets, it's a miracle it got this far. Sources indicate that without the forfeiture of the Illusive Man's considerable assets, the costs involved in the project could have easily bankrupted the Alliance Military. Unfortunately, even with the vast and incredible resources beholden to a galactic conglomerate, the Alliance was unable to source most of the materials to complete the final product. It seems the secret lies in a mostly unknown obscure element the Illusive man was researching. Using reverse engineered Reaper Technology, the renegade's main drive core is built from a new element discovered near the galactic core. This substance, called Avorion, and the others scattered from the collapse of the collector's empire, formed the basis for their incredible ability to traverse black holes and rifts in the space time continuum." Admiral Hacket: "The Renegade's original scope and purpose is unknown, likely a project started and then mothballed by the Illusive man for unknown reasons. Now under the flag of the Alliance, the Renegade is the flagship of Commander Shepard's fleet to spearhead against the reaper invasion. With the Mass Effect Relays destroyed, that ship may be only vessel capable of travel beyond the rim into dark space. It may be our only hope to expand to other Galaxies and put an end to the reapers once and for all. You are tasked with a single mission. A rift has been discovered on the edge of our system. Where it leads we can only guess, but we are picking up readings that indicate faint traces of this Avorion substance. Venture forth and take these blueprints with you. Finish constructing the Renegade with the materials you find on the other side. With any luck, we may be able to rebuild this broken and war torn galaxy in the wake of the Reaper invasion. The rift is closing, so we may be cut off from each other. Suicide missions are pretty much your bread and butter aren't they? God Speed Commander, We're counting on you. Hacket out" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2797042052
  27. So as others have stated Big ships require Big engines and thrusters i would say a large portion of your ship is gonna be Gyro's and thrusts I lean more to thrust then gyros since gyros dont do much for large ships but you need to look at the axis of your ship and place your thrust the farthest away from the whatever axis and use directional and not the default cause the default is omnidirectional and if your thrust is on an axis your losing power i hope this picture helps bottom line is the farther you are from an axis the better
  28. So needless to say i love missiles but when i use them it leaves me very depressed, They dont look anything like torpedoes and they should its the same propulsion system. I love torpedoes but there not a main weapon but please do something similar to missiles i cry when i use them it would also be cool is AI could use the coaxial missile launchers too they seem to bug out trying to get a target lock or something. https://i.imgur.com/QcJiHI9.mp4 making something like this in the video would make me so happy i know you guys are busy and all but this little thing would make the worlds difference for me
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