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  2. removing steam CRUFT sounds like a good idea. I'll probably go try that and see if my 1 minute connection wait time to gets better.
  3. This game does something terrible with VRAM. The whole game should fit in like 1GB of VRAM and yet I have to run medium Planets and backgrounds on my 4GB rx470. I can run modded Skyrim 64 with 2k textures like butter - the idea that this game is straining my VRAM is silly.
  4. I also have great performance, most of the time. It so happens that this game runs two processes, a server and a client. The server handles all the work of updating the galaxy, while the client renders the pretty. It seems to me the server and the client are often sharing processor cores. That's troublesome. So I set the affinity for the server to run on cores 3-6, and then everytime I start the client I have to forcibly set it to cores 1-2. That works much better, but STARTING A GAME IS REALLY ANNOYING. also - for some reason connecting to a running server on takes forever - like 2 minutes, while single player starts instantly. Haven't figured that one out....
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  6. Love this idea! This could add a new dynamic to mining in higher tier areas, giving mining vessels a reason to have more shields etc. Maybe a new subsystem to be "invisible to mines" with various ranges. The mines could belong to a faction. If you're "allied" or "excellent" with them the mines wont approach. Or perhaps you have to buy a module from the faction to put on your mining vessels which prevents the mines from approaching that craft.
  7. A keybind in build mode that causes blocks placed to not effect stats at all, be free to build and be stackable perhaps torpedo and hangar blocks could function when covered with 'decoration blocks' maybe it might even be possible to rotate them at angles other than 90 deg, if 3 numbers are saved in the XML file which correspond to each blocks yaw roll and pitch. When loading the ship the game might only read the rotation numbers after the rest of the ship is applied? reasoning for this suggestion is that stacking should be allowed when used decoratively and not allowed when used functionally (when blockoverlapexploit = false in the server.ini). Functional blocks like generators are sometimes used decoratively, so this suggestion would be the games way of knowing what to allow and what not to allow Oh yeah, about the rotation thing, that would make building sooo much easier while massively slashing blockcounts, especially when placing greebles on angled surfaces, increasing performance significantly
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  9. This is worrisome. I just bought this game and am having this exact problem. That tells me this problem has existed for a year or more and the devs have been unable or unwilling to resolve the issue. The game sounds fantastic but I think I am going to have to request a refund from Steam before my return time runs out. Very disappointing.
  10. Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors. This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK): Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'Beta Branch - Newest Changes & Experimental Features'. Gameplay "A lost friend" mission now includes the captain's primary class in the bulletin Family, Commune and Cavaliers ships can now appear in sectors Balancing Procure Operation: tuned additional time required Instead of a 1.5mill threshold adding +45min it's now a 750k threshold adding +20 min Mining Operation: greatly increased impact of discovered asteroid fields on area efficiency and yield The pirates in the first encounter in "investigate missing freighters" mission are no longer insanely beefy Client Added encyclopedia articles for goods that list the stations where they can be bought and sold Added encyclopedia articles for productions that list ingredients and produced goods for each type of factory/mine/consumer etc Added search function to encyclopedia Building Mode: scale step, grid size and stats settings are now persistent UI Added "Transfer All" context menu entry to move stacks of items between player and alliance inventory You can now interact with Ships and Stations while in Strategy Mode Building Mode: when more than the selected blocks would be deleted, those additional blocks are now highlighted Scripting API Added resetHyperspaceCalculation() function to Player Bugfixes "Bug fixes marked with [UBR] are from user bug reports. Thank you very much for reporting and keep it up! :)" Fixed several small issues in missions and scripts [UBR] Fixed an issue where manual and autopilot jump routes could conflict with each other Fixed an issue with localization of mission descriptions on the bulletin board [UBR] Mobile variants of stations now have correct titles in their shop windows [UBR] Fixed an issue where boarded ships could not be repaired at repair docks [UBR] Fixed an issue where pressing Tab to switch between player and ship window didn't work in the Torpedoes tab As you might have noticed, we didn't set 2.0.8 live on the Default branch. This is because there were some small new issues with it. The fixes made it into this 2.0.9 patch.
  11. This game makes me want learn coding in Unity myself and make a proper clone! So much potential and so poor realization 😞
  12. I approved of both ideas, however, Space Termites, are the superior lore option.
  13. I give permission. I'm in and out of avorion so you can carry it on as a continued project. Thanks!
  14. Hi docssy, I'd be happy to manage the mod on the Steam workshop for you if someone else hasn't already.
  15. I think we can all agree that the AI in avorion is pretty terrible. It's slow, difficult to use and can be a pain in the ass when trying to get them to do specific things in a sector, particularly asteroid filled ones, without them experiencing pathing issues or not getting in range for mining lasers. My suggestion is that the AI could be improved by "showing" the AI where the front of the ship is and altering it so that it can figure out where it should face to get most/all the turrets to bear without the constantly turning around and shifting and give the ships a set operating range for their shortest ranged turrets instead of their longest ones. Preferably making them go 0.2km closer than would be required for their guns to be in range. or even simply make the ship turn with the turrets like with players do. Figuring out pathing itself could be relatively simple as well. with 5 main points extending from the front of the ship (4 furthest corners + centre of gravity) like the antenna on ants and giving them a 5-10 second activation and a 3-5 reaction (5-10 seconds until collision involves slowing down slightly and 3-5 for when they're about to hit it) or something similar. My point being, there needs to be drastic improvements to ship AI.
  16. Yay! I've finally made it through the barrier, I've mined all the ogonite and avorion I could stomach and I'm going to take on something really scary. Pew pew pew, death destruction and loss of lesser ships ensues. Boom big loot piñata, oh look at that rail gun!!! Lots of damage lots of Fire rate, penetration and all that good stuff and I love rail guns and I want more of these. *queue sad trombone* Tech Level 52? Awesome I can put one of these on one ship and I'll occasionally use it for when I want to just shoot something far away but I cannot rely on it for any real DPS. Little pop up, Hey there explorer we see you have a Tech Level 52 turret, would you like more? Just plop down a Turret factory next to that nice big pile of wreckage and get to work bring us all the components and we'll pump these puppies out for you like crazy! Oh thanks helpful popup I didn't think of that. Yeah... and neither did anyone on the DEV team, I'm here to rebuff the suggestion that the challenge of endgame should stay in the disparity of Level 50 turrets to the power of level 52s that bosses can drop. It's not the ideal situation you think it is, it is completely disheartening to people who love your game enough to plough through hours and hours build reputation up get allies build extra ships and finally get through your end game content only to be given fools gold. If that player cannot extend their playtime and enjoyment by replicating the new found joy in higher level guns then they're simply going to stop playing. I speak from experience on this, I've played Destiny, WoW, The Division 1 & 2, a few other games, and once the Carrot or the Chase is gone then you have less and less players. Most games increase the chase by upping levels or adding new tricks, Avorion is more or less bottlenecked, so you have to work with what you have, and what you have is an RNG chase, that once it fulfills someone's dreams they could create more power for themselves. But you didn't find it applicable to let them do that? From my experience in other games it seems like you don't want players to stay past a certain point. But if I'm wrong and you want them to stay, I would highly advise changing the Turret Factories in the 4 Most center Galaxy Zones become capable of churning out Blueprints for Level 52 turrets. <<< This also adds that "Challenge" you're so hungry to saddle people with, defending a Center 4 zone from all the invasions will be a task in and of itself, way harder than Mr. Big Scary. This will make people more inclined to get those 52s to drop until they get one they like, and it will keep them engaged long past getting them to drop well into getting ships decked out with them to further invest in their fleets and get more 52s and so on and so forth. This is a good carrot for Avorion, and if the argument against it is "challenge" go talk to anyone who has played for over 500 hours, there isn't much challenge in the center, there is just a lack of investment opportunities. We need more, and this could be that carrot to keep us chasing and playing. Thanks and I look forward to the discussion.
  17. This is 100% something they need to consider, and realistically I think they need a side by side system. IF I want a fleet to go accomplish something, then cool I set up the fleet and send them on their way. If I just need Miner 1 to go get me some iron I can loop that forever, both work, both are good and both make the game great, but limiting to one or the other is not ideal. I think they should bring them back but I don't want the new stuff gone either.
  18. I 100% support this suggestion, And Honestly I don't think it even needs to cost that much, credits after a point become infinite, you don't need to hurt new galaxies or new players by making this a really expensive thing. They will need a new one one they are comfortable in a new Ore area anyways. The movement of the players would make the high cost punishing to people who just want to avoid your problem while they go about their business in a brand new area only to move on in a day or two. So thanks for the suggestion and I do agree it is needed but cost doesn't need to be erroneously high. Punishes too much for just QOL. Thanks.
  19. Hello I've rented a server through 4Players which has been smooth sailing untill yesterday, then all of a sudden i can't login anymore, and keep getting "Connection error" and a blank box, every once in a while it will say server unreachable, therefore i've been incontact with 4Players support Throughout Yesterday and today, and they cannot find a Problem on their end. So im writing here in hope that someone can help me. I cannot connect to my own server, but i can Easily join other servers, including Single player. I've verified the steam files, reinstalled the game, run as administrator, Tried 3 different internet connections, Allowed the game through firewall and antivirus. I've done all i can think of and still nothing has worked. Please help 🙂 Regards. Zayci Operation System: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel i7-4790k 4.00GHZ GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti clientlog 2021-10-17 13-22-56.txt clientlog 2021-10-17 14-04-13.txt
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  21. V2.0.8 (and all versions before and most likely after ,coz you're morons) Why do you do coding if you don't know how to do it properly?! Your fuckin game lags so much it's unplayable. I have fluid framerate, it's just rubberbanding when mining or using fighters or r-salvagers/miners, or do anything with more than 2 ships. MY save game is 2 GB !!! What the fuck you did with such a simple game that it can't be processed by the most up to date PCs with SSDs, x-core CPUS and such? I've tried tweaking and deleting server.ini, no use, it simply doesn't work! I have lag between me and myself over a local frikkin server, which runs in the background because who-knows-what is rerouted and blocked. Why make it simple if you can complicate it?! I boosted priority, background processes, all that shit, and it still rubberbands like crazy. Non-responsive. Pinging while doing hard mining and I have pings to < 1ms, so what address or port your game uses when playing single player - an external one in Alaska, with ping > 10 seconds? All resources at at their minimal, network traffic measures peaks up to 7 Mbps... What the heck is going on ?! Graphs stay green and minimal (except the yellow one which is consistent, but no peaks at all (except during load) Do you even understand the line above? Let me try saying in simple words: fuckin Unity game editor let IDIOTS like you be "PROGRAMMERS" while you know SHIT about programming. Great ideaas go to waste. WHY DO I HAVE TO SEE EACH PARTICLE WHEN MINING, GET ME THE FRIKKIN MATERIALS IF THAT IS THE RPOBLEM. You are generating a ton of particles for no reason. Do you really create particles and then calculate if each hits the ship?! WHY DO YOU FRIKKIN CODE THIS SHIT, TAKE IT OUT, DELETE IT, DON'T DECEIVE PPL IN WASTING 200+ HOURS OF GAMING JUST TO SEE NOTHINGNESS. I DARE YOU TO GET TO THE CENTER OF GALAXY AND TRY MINING WITH R-LASERS !!!!! WHY IS THIS SHIT EVEN AVAILBLE, FUCK YOU AND EARLY BETA MODEL, ALL GAMES IN THE WORLD ARE "EARLY BETA" I AM SICK AND TIRED, I NEED MY GAMING FIX AND YOU DENY IT BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO GET THROUGH THE CODE, DEBUG, AND SEE WHERE THE PROBLEM IS! GO FUCKIN PLANT POTATOES, DON'T DO CODING IF YOU'RE RETARDED! FUCK YOU ALL x 250 hours, you are a team of nobodies, losers, and failed programmers! Your fuckin "game" will be in everlasting alpha, just like a ton of interesting titles out there we can't play due to incompleteness. I guess there's no escape from paying 100$ for a half-decent game. Coders are idiots. Only hardware developers know how to code, but they have no time to do that. FIX THE GAME OR CANCEL IT! IT'S THAT EASY
  22. Hello everyone! I am wondering what the soundtrack used in the steam trailer is, does anyone know? Trailer in question: https://cdn.cloudflare.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/256776756/movie480.webm?t=1583327181 I have been shazaming this over the course of the past year, without success, and it is driving me mad because it's an awesome piece of music! Thanks in advance
  23. We guarantee and offer high quality counterfeit bills for the following currencies; EUR – Euro USD – US Dollar GBP – British Pound INR – Indian Rupee AUD – Australian Dollar CAD – Canadian Dollar AED – Emirati Dirham ZAR – Rand CHF – Swiss Franc CNY – Chinese Yuan Renminbi MYR – Malaysian Ringgit THB – Thai Baht.. TAILS/WHATSAPP………….☎️ +380-9542-31375 ☎️ EMAIL ADDRESS……….. ieltsmasters180@gmail.com
  24. When issuing orders to a Captain piloted (or your own ship via autopilot) via the Strategic View, please allow us to use conventional and established key combinations to issue enchained orders, such as being able to execute certain enemy ships in a certain order or mining out specific asteroids. Right now the SHIFT key allows to change the depth of the navigational plane. This can be done with any other key, including the above mentioned combination of Left+Right mouse buttons. If the game has a strategic view component, we must make sure that the capabilities of the interface are more robust than Warcraft I.
  25. Pirates attack populated sectors and, upon getting obliterated by the player or the local NPCs, their wrecks tend to end up drifting way outside their death locations. While these enemy ships are smart enough not to ram stations, if their ships die as they approach a station, most likely the wreck will end up somewhere very close to it. A player ship, if told to Salvage Sector, will open fire on it while the station is in the way, causing a huge and rapid reduction in player standing towards the faction without a failsafe. As such - if the ship is executing a salvage command and is hitting anything that results in a reputation change of any sort, have it cycle the target or, if there are no more targets, cancel the command.
  26. With the addition of more autonomous commands and the push towards multiple ships, the glaring issue of NPC-piloted and Auto-Piloted ships not knowing a ship is immune to damage has reared itself once more. If a pirate mothership or other such NPC is immune to damage (Usually until all of its escorts are dead), it should not show up for your ships as a target they can attack. Not for defensive nor offensive turrets, unless this flag changes and they are made vulnerable again.
  27. Frolonov2

    Mod Request

    Actually you could enter build mode and turn the mine into a tiny trinium block by loading ship design, so you don't have to carry it on a huge and powerful ship.
  28. During a "wanted" mission i came upon a ship that will give me the location of the bounty's target, if i transfer some amount of credits to it. The ship demanded 0 credits. I was in alliance and my player's bank account sat at 0 credits. I was using an alliance's ship.
  29. The ship's overview highlights statistics that have low values by painting their text in yellow or red. The thing is... i have a station, i dont need engines or gyroscopes or other movement blocks. 1. Build a station. 2. Click hotkey "I" and open a ship menu. Go to "Ship" tab. 3. There will be Acceleration, Deceleration, Yaw, Pitch, Roll texts in red colour (as well as Max Velocity in yellow). The red indicates vital missing statistic for the ship to function (the yellow that a statistic is too low).
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