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  2. What is the Verified Servers Program? Community members can now apply to have their server marked as a "Verified Server"! All verified servers will get a blue checkmark next to the server name in the list. The "Verified Server" checkmark is used to mark servers that we, Boxelware, recommend as great to play on. We want to highlight servers of passionate community members and reward those who are doing an amazing job running their own dedicated servers. Since the verified server checkmark is a quality seal, a verified server must follow certain guidelines (see below). This gives verified servers better visibility and increased server traffic. Additionally, we will provide a direct connection for verified server owners to us to provide high priority support! Server Requirements: The server must be continuously reachable Static IP address is a must The server must ensure a high uptime, preferably through anti-hang / auto-restart scripts No password and must be public The server must be able to provide good performance to allow smooth running of Avorion A minimum of 16GM RAM available to the game (after OS and other usage) A minimum of 4 real CPU cores (not threads) The server must be actively played on The server must be moderated The server main admin must be reachable by us via email or discord The server’s main language must be either English or German The motd must contain a disclaimer that Boxelware recommends the server but does not run/administrate it itself The server must have been running for at least one month In case it’s a new server, the admin must provide proof for expertise of running a similar, actively played-on server that’s been online for at least one month Server Behavior Rules: No homophobia, racism, sexism, discrimination or harassment of any kind No stations or ships in 0:0 Use of bugs, hacks or exploits is not allowed We expect the above rules to be enforced by the administrators Please include the following in your application: A description of how the above requirements will be met & rules will be enforced E.g. considering moderators, auto-restart scripts, backups, etc. A concept with a short description of the server Will it be a role-playing server? PvP, PvE? Regular wipes? Will it have special rules or be classic vanilla? A list of mods used on the server To keep things simple and easily-accessible, only workshop mods will be allowed on verified servers The server.ini file Specs of the machine the server is running on A log file that shows at least a single start of the server The stats .csv files of your current (or previous servers, in case it’s a new server) By sending us your application you acknowledge and accept the following: To ensure good performance, we will be doing regular checks on the verified servers. We will sometimes request the stats .csv files, logs and/or the server.ini without prior notice. In case of recurring or severe rule violations the blue checkmark will be removed from the server. Over the next few months we’ll add a monitoring feature for verified servers where servers report their stats to us, so that we can react quickly in case of performance or other issues. This monitoring feature must be turned on for verified servers. We are looking forward to your applications!
  3. Prehaps the end sectors for project exodus could have wormholes lead to smaller mini galaxies (small separate map) filled with Xanion and Ogonite. Could use the small separate map idea for wormholes into small xsotan filled galaxies around the center to add "dungeons"
  4. I will channel my powers from my favorite Diablo 2 class on this topic, because I would love to see it happen. Casino stations should be fun and unique, not some boring old consumer station. Put some basic card games in them, maybe some fancier minigames later.
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  6. Alright, here we go. This will be a long message. But that's suitable for an apology. I will write some background so that people can understand what this is about. A few weeks back block stacking was often discussed and those discussions often lead to heated debates and situations where staff was required to intervene. On the 19th of October I opened Discord and saw a discussion about block stacking going on in #avorion-discussion. My reaction immediately was "not this again... Do I have to babysit here waiting for something to go wrong or intervene now?" I chose the latter, the easy route, which I should not have done and that choice has lead us to this situation. It was abuse of power, and suddenly, even without realizing it I had done a thing that I deeply want to avoid and hate seeing happen. I had abused my powers to silence a discussion that was actually peaceful, which I should have seen if I had spent enough time to read all the messages instead of quickly glancing over it. Seeing dozens of messages about stacking and with the completely fed up mindset I had at the time I made the wrong call and stopped the discussion. You asked later if you could DM staff and I answered yes and mentioned that I am always open to constructive feedback, which I truly am, and this message or apology is how I want to express that I take criticism towards staff, including myself seriously, look in the mirror and ask "What did I do wrong" and "How can I improve so that I won't make the same mistake again?" You never ended up DMing me, probably because you had seen me (though not meaning to) abuse my staff powers and made the logical conclusion that I wouldn't listen to feedback and would probably ban you like the generic power-hungry and easily triggered Discord staff member, even though I wouldn't have. I wish you would have DMd me so that all this drama would have been unnecessary. The worst thing about this is that I didn't realize having abused my staff privileges before Averis pointed out his perspective to the situation in the forum post, which I replied to with still my limited view of the situation (yet another thing I regret doing, I should have dug up the message history right there, not now). I took the time to read the message history logs and they prove me guilty of abusing my staff powers. I sincerely and deeply apologize for my wrong actions in that situation. I want to bring something positive out of this, and it is that I promise that I have learnt from my mistakes. I will use the errors I have made to become better and to use the power given to me more wisely. To summarize it, I made a mistake which I shouldn't have done, a mistake and course of action showing qualities that I despise in people in positions of power, and I am here to apologize. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Regarding what I said about your negativity, I never could connect your Discord account to the person posting suggestions on the forums. I became biased and blind to the constructive feedback you gave, only seeing the negativity in your comments. I aplogize and promise to be a better staff member in the future. I hope that you will forgive me and think of me as a human being. Humans make mistakes. But only fools don't learn from their mistakes.
  7. "I don't think I have any of the qualities you described." Apparently I need to spell this out for you as if your a child. "Quickly sliding towards a heated debate" Quickly? Really, then go back and look at that conversation and tell me at what point was this quickly sliding into a heated debate? At what point was any of us demonstrating conflicting views or hostility? We even agreed on a general opinion on block stacking. YOU even said by quote that there wasn't even a basis for a debate to begin with. Instead, you decide to silence the three of us because you just got tired of hearing about a discussion you personally don't like. The only person who complained about it was you, not the community. That's an ABUSE of power. Now that you know what abuse means, let's move on to the next. "You have been constantly spreading negativity throughout the Discord community" This is delusional, because your brain can't seem to figure out the difference between being negative and being critical or realistic. To say "that command just doesn't work" is not negative. That is a FACT in the game. The game does not support what a new player is looking to do. To tell them the opposite is idiotic and false. Describe a workaround? Sure, I've done that several times, and so have others who were with me when talking to new players. Exactly what world are you living in where you can't see that? You have a twisted sense of reality, and the fact that it takes you so long to take notice should spell out the first quality I mentioned. "I asked you nicely" You never asked me anything concerning behavior or tone. I have literally no DMs of such a thing. If anything, you should be asking yourself that when you verbally accused and probed me of being some kind of DLC hater because I described the price to a new player. You're delusional. Also, you claim that apparently I took "asking nicely" as an insult. Prove it then 🙂 "Change your negative feedback into constructive feedback" Oh this is rich. An abusive, delusional, unintelligent Head Admin tells the guy who's openly provided several upvoted suggestions, discussions, and bug reports, many of which were fixed, to the devs to stop giving negative feedback and provide something actually constructive. That speaks VOLUMES about your mental state buddy.
  8. Yeah, I have always hated that the 'fleet' tab is even called that when you can't actually make a fleet. I would really like to see a system like in Space Empires 5 where you can create a fleet, name that fleet, add and remove ships to that fleet, assign a flag ship, and even create custom formations for that fleet. Then you would just select the fleet when you want to give that group of ships orders. But it would also be great if you could create different elements within that fleet each with their own formation and sub-orders. Something else you should be able to do is give all ships orders to engage enemies at a set range, or at least an option for 'point blank' range, 'optimum' range, and 'max' range. That way you can have your ships/fleets fight at the best range for the weapons they use. And for non-combat ships you should be able to give them orders to 'run away!' As for the list of orders. The way it is now is just terrible. If you mess one thing up in your order list you have to just reset and start over. There needs to be a schedule like system where you can add orders, set conditions for orders and even change the order in which it carries out those orders. It would be great if we could have a similar system to games like Transport Fever or Factorio. Then you could set up cargo ships on trade routes and even add in IF/ELSE/AND/OR conditions, so you can do things like having your mining ships go to a refining station, if their cargo is full, then jump back into their mining loop when their cargo is no longer full. And of course you should be able to switch ships to a stand by/carry out orders mode, like how you can switch trains in Factorio to and from automatic/manual mode when you want them to run or not run through their schedule. I'm sure all of this stuff would have to be in a major update, but I think it is one of the biggest things this game is really lacking and a thing that all players would very much like to have. 🙂
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  10. I will have to try this, you may have solved all my turret building problems!
  11. Select turret base(s), open saved designs menu, select turret design, click "apply" (bottom right IIRC) Bit clunky, but seems to work most of the time ; )
  12. My opinions on what is being considered here (sorry if I'm responding a bit late): A rework of fighters and fighter commands in general would be helpful. They are very hard to use and the UI is rather clunky to use (no offense). I'd love to see them have more command options (such as orbit target, dive bomb target, escort target, patrol sector, and defend target) as well as improved UI for controlling them. Combining them into wings is also a nice idea that may help with controlling them. But I agree that they 100% need to have more speed as almost all built ships are faster. I like the idea of changing up the engine plume/exhaust. I personally would love to see engine trails added (the faster you go the longer they are) in addition to some cool exhaust changes as was discussed in that thread. Even if they do not become customizable, a differentiation between the material tiers would be nice. Some way to fabricate your own torpedoes instead of relying on equipment docks would be nice. I know there is a forward facing torpedo tube now, so yay for that!! +1 for the forming fleets and being able to command them much easier. Perhaps give the ability to place them in formations and give a command to move a fleet in formation? More sector types are always a plus for me. More variety = more playability, to an extent of course. My personal suggestions that I'd love for the Devs to consider: Give the ability to apply turret designs to turret blocks without having to go into the turret editor. Once you have a nice design for a turret you want to use on 20+ turret hardpoints, make there be a way to apply that design to the turret blocks you want. This will save a fair amount of time and will make building easier. A little more variation in material tiers. With this, I am not suggesting simply adjusting the scaling even further. But I'd love to see certian materials be viable for certian blocks (similar to how trinium engines are the best to use, even over avorion engines due to their lighter weight, but same thrust output). As it stands there is no real reason (other than selling the ore) to try and mine lower tier materials, but instead push as far as possible to get avorion/ogonite as it is stronger, and produces more from a block stand point. I do like the idea of avorion still being an "endgame" material, but I would like to see other materials have their uses as well. I made a post awhile ago about this, but I'll give some examples below: Iron: Cheap, low credit costs on all blocks, also has inertia dampener Titanium: Titanium armor has the least weight out of any armor and has bonus resistance to energy damage. Titanium engines have a higher top speed, but lower acceleration. Naonite: Gets armor which is very heavy (only ogonite is heavier) and has bonus resistance to plasma damage. Naonite hyperspace cores are on par with Avorion hyperspace cores performance wise, but heavier. Trinium: Remains the lightest overall material. Trinium armor slightly heavier than titanium but gets bonus resistance to Physical damage. Trinium Engines give slightly more top speed and acceleration. Xanion: Shield and Generator blocks on par performance wise with Avorion but heavier. Xanion armor added which has the same HP values as Xanion hull, but has extra resistance against antimatter damage. Ogonite: Armor is the heaviest, but has a slight damage resistance bonus to every damage type except antimatter. Additional HP per armor block. Ogonite Energy containers on par with Avorion Energy Containers, but much heavier with slightly more HP. Avorion: Shields have a slight resistance to plasma damage. Thanks for reading!
  13. I tried this setup in a new save. Mining, buying turrets and building fighters did become much easier. However, it still needs much effort to find new mining site and NPC factories. Finding proper mining turrets to mine higher level material also takes a lot of work and trial, since reputation in AI faction usually starts from fairly low level, which means their equipment docks/ turret factories won't be available until reputation reach certain level. Building turret factory in early-game would be too expensive. As for improved chance to get legendary upgrades, it does help getting good mining/trading/C43/radar upgrades in early-games, but hyperspace/shield reinforcer/shield booster are still rare. Based on that I wouldn't think this new setup affects the balance too much. There's certain known method to improve reputation above 'good' level: 'Free Slave', 'investigate missing freighter(pirate/illuminated)', 'She's innocent', 'pirate raid event', 'warzone event'. Those missions or events appear highly depend on RNG, while commerce/tribute won't help to get above 'good' level, I would say necessary play time for progress would not be reduced much by my new setup and new players without much knowledge about those would have to try even longer, which means the original setup would be even more exhausting.
  14. Greetings. I silenced the discussion because it was quickly sliding towards a heated debate, like I had seen happen literally *every* time block stacking was discussed and every time staff had to intervene. I wanted to save some trouble and de-escalate the situation before it got worse and pointed out that the discussion always lead to the same points having been made, which people could find using the Discord's search function. "how stupid, delusional and abusive" - I am just a human and I make mistakes too, but I don't think I have any of the qualities you described. You have been constantly spreading negativity throughout the Discord community and the staff team even made a statement in the announcement channel about keeping feedback constructive, but your behavior and tone did not change, so I felt that something had to be done and I asked you nicely, but apparently you took that as an insult, which I did not mean. I just wanted you to change your negative feedback into constructive feedback that would be beneficial for the devs and instead of saying things like "that command just doesn't work" to a new player you could have described a workaround way of doing what the new player asked and then gone to write an improvement suggestion about the missing feature. Constructive feedback is always welcome, spreading negativity isn't. Tell me how I can do my job better and I'll listen to the feedback. What would you like to see me do more/better? What ways of me responding to some situations you'd like to improve? I am always open to constructive feedback.
  15. [FIX UPDATE] : I fixed it. It was one of two things. I had two network adapters on my server machine, I was using the secondary network adapter and switched to using the primary. On my PC I had secondary/tertiary IP addresses added for connecting to different subnets (I had those in there when I was configuring IP cameras with varying IP addresses, and never removed them). So I removed those as well. I think it was getting confused with multiple IP addresses on the same adapter. UPDATE : I fixed the issue by adding a network switch. Both machines were connected to a router, which I thought would suffice. Maybe there is some setting in the router interfering with the communication between the two devices. UPDATE #2 : It stopped working again even with the switch. What the hell is wrong with this lol. I cannot connect to my dedicated server which I am hosting on a separate machine using STEAMCMD with my PC on my LAN through my router. But I can connect to it with the same computer while tethered on my phone internet through the WAN. I am getting some errors which I haven't really been able to find the solution for or exact cause other than like "Lag", but I am able to ping the server at <1ms and around 1ms with 50k byte packets and of course able to connect on a not-so-ideal mobile connection as well. Here is the error I am getting : OnP2PSessionRequest from [STEAM ID] STEAMPS3 - AsyncTCPSocket created Client [STEAM ID] lost connection STEAMPS3 - AsncTCPSocket destroyed Ending authentication session of [STEAM ID] Where STEAM ID shows my steam ID of my account. Any help would be appreciated, I have tried various things but cannot seem to figure it out. Ports are forwarded 27000 - UDP & TCP 27003 - UDP 27020 - UDP 27021 - UDP But that shouldn't matter on local connection. I have tried both connecting through "Join LAN" and "Join via IP". Both produce same results. Thanks in advance.
  16. Oh, no, i meant as civilian ships of the imperium. Since GW never really gave them a canon on how they look the closest we got are those combat modified ships as carriers and transport instead of using a dauntless class cruiser to mine an asteroid.
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  18. There are some technical limitations considering the internal types of those ComboBoxes that prohibit a proper exposure to the Scripting API. I'm afraid those will never be available unless we're doing some major internal refactorings, which is unlikely. Exposing the camera to the Scripting API is planned.
  19. Some method to get the camera position in 3d space so i can do projections onto the 2d screen. Was planning on making lead indicators. Or alternatively a vec3/matrix method to project to screenspace so i don't have to do all the math 😛
  20. If a ship has mixed weaponry (say, chain guns and lasers), it becomes almost impossible to properly hit enemies due to the difference in time of flight of projectiles. The fix for this is to use leading reticles, of where the weapon should target if the target is to keep a similar movement profile (i.e. same speed vector). The problem with this is that all weapons would have different leading configurations which would spread them apart even farther. My suggestion is to turn on automatic leading if the player crosshair is on the target ship (give or take an error margin, which could even be tuned through targeting modules). This keeps on the "dogfighting" aspect of fights since a moving target is still hard to follow. This would also increase the average number of projectiles actually hitting the target by quite a lot and hence reduce frustration :-]. I believe this is quite balanced. (As a side note, I think this is the behaviour in Elite: Dangerous, but I did not play it since quite some time, so that might be incorrect.)
  21. Es wäre doch super wenn mann ein System betritt, und gleich alle Stationen und Schiffe, in einer Box zb.( rechts oben ) zusammengefasst wird. So kann man gleich sehen was es gibt und macht die Navigation einfacher.
  22. Hi there! Just bumping the topic to let you know I've rewritten the first post entirely. No more pictures; just plain text code blocks for easier copy-pasting (and also to ensure the images don't get deleted over time like with the previous version... yuck!). Furthermore, slightly edited some instructions for clarity, and added my own music.lua to the end of the first post in case you want/need to copy it over in its entirety for whatever reason or just like seeing a complete example. There's also a downloadable attachment. See the first post of the topic!
  23. .borderCombo and .sortCombo are not valid when trying to :hide() them in a InventorySelection() while .filterTextBox is valid and can be hidden. It'd be nice to be able to hide these elements too.
  24. I modified several game scripts to create a 'beginner' or 'casual easy' difficulty. Extracting files from the zip and use those files in 'modified1' folder to overwrite respective files in 'steam\steamapps\common\Avorion\data\scripts\lib'. To restore the original setup, use those in 'backup1' to overwrite files again. Players may choose to start a new save to find whether this setup could make early-game experience easy enough for beginners... Modification includes improving early-game resource gathering significantly and reducing cost of most items. This could help beginner focus on the main story without wasting too much time on grinding. It also increase weapon range and projectile speed to ease up aiming, while teaching beginner to improve ship size, armor and shield, as well as the use of shield reinforcer upgrade. modified file link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QTB2qOuZH7wrLrpdI6d-rA5G07mqDKal/view?usp=sharing
  25. I've been having MAJOR issue with this bug. Just lost a station founder ship to MY OWN FLEET after accidentally bumping it after undocking. I am sick and tired of having to command all my ships to make a random jump just because I bumped someone. I can understand stray shots triggering aggression, but collision damage, especially at low speed should NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, result in my fleet opening fire. Even stupider is that these ships are capable of shooting each other in the first place. Why on Earth would I ever want my carriers to attack each other? Why would I ever need one of my personal ships to attack another? Why are ships even CAPABLE of engaging another ship belonging to the same player or alliance?
  26. When the player refines at a ressource depot that is not owned by him, he pays a refinery tax. As of right now, the ressources paid just vanish. It would be way cooler (and probably more realistic) if the ressources paid as refinery tax, where added to the depots stock. Maybe add a stock cap of 250k-500k per material to not get redicoulus amounts of stock numbers everywhere.
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