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  2. The basic idea is this- a larger more powerful ship, with more power generation, should be able to do more damage with its weapons than a smaller ship. But presently, energy weapons mostly don't tax your power very much, and there's not much point to building ships bigger than 15 slots except to benefit from the increase in HP. Suggestion- allow us some kind of setting to change energy weapon power levels. We can turn up the power consumption on our energy weapons to boost their damage, to almost no limit, as long as the ship can support the power consumption. This allows bigger ships to do more damage than smaller ships. Alternatively, this mechanic could apply only to a new type of turret, say the "particle beam turret". Particle beams would visually look a lot like a laser and would appear to propagate instantly. At lower power levels that small ships could provide, particle beam turrets wouldn't be very effective. They'd only start to be highly effective on very large vessels, and on the biggest ships they'd contribute to most of the damage output.
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  4. I don't know how you would ever get to 1 billion firepower, the weapons the default game just don't get powerful enough, and you can't get more than 15 system slots (which I think is lame and unnecessary). This makes large ships that have well in excess of the volume needed for 15 slots a little wasteful. However, on insane difficulty enemies near the core can do so much damage that they can actually whittle down a minimal 15-slotter ship relatively quickly. For that reason I've been slowly working on a ~4.3 km-long super dreadnaught that will use independently targeted turrets. I'm hoping that a ship that size can be safely AI-tasked with destroying Xsotan fleets and pirate bases without me having to worry about it getting destroyed. The AI doesn't really know how to flee... So extremely large ships shouldn't approach 1 billion firepower. But to answer your spirit of the question, I think there may still be a point to excessively large ships, at least on higher difficulty levels. After all, for excessively large ships, you don't need any processing cores at all, so all of that volume can be devoted to more shields and energy.
  5. Some great ideas. I especially like the 4) Option, in some instances the pirate attacks get so annoyoing I'd gladly pay them to just leave me the heck alone. The same with the Xsotan attacks tbh. Another thing that would make the game feel more meaningful would be if the pirate attacks weren't entirely random- how about the pirates factions have a certain number of ships which has a slow base replenish time, but gets buffed (with diminishing returns) depending on how successful the pirates are. So if you destroy pirates in a sector, or if you don't answer distress calls, it actually has some meaningful effect.
  6. GER Phoenix PVE (Start 21.05) -deutschsprachiger PvE Server -10 Aktive Sektoren pro Spieler! -Lvl 52 Blueprints! -über 30 Mods -Neue Gegner/ NPC Fraktionen/Stationen -Einstellungen und Regeln die für ein neues Spielerlebnis sorgen -Selbst erstellte Sektoren/Bosse -Kreativer Freiraum für Spieler -Startressourcen/Avorion darf gehandelt werden Discord: https://discord.gg/KjPNQAdMrh
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  8. Nothing is spawned. AI empires have corporations that try to make profit using game mechanics. Example: AI empire wants to build a military ship. Spawn one? No! It collects its taxes and orders a ship from the shipyard company. That is what an empire is supposed to do, collect taxes and build military ships. The shipyard company now with money from the empire and an order starts building the ship. It now needs to get the materials so it starts buying materials until fulfilled. If it doesn't get fulfilled it will raise the prices. That's what shipyard companies are supposed to do, sell ships and buy construction materials with the money. The freighter company sees this and will set trade routes between suppliers and the shipyard in it's optimized trade route network (one thing ai should be good at). With the new profits from these trades it will use the money to build new freighters, which is what a freighter company is supposed to do, fulfill price imbalances and buy more freighters with the profit. The shipbuilding materials station has been sitting on a full cargo hold with no buyers until now. So they lower the prices and stop buying iron. Then they are visited by a freighter destined for the shipyard and it takes it all. Now they have a low inventory and more money. They raise the price of its output and start buying iron. If iron does not arrive, it will raise the price of iron. That's what shipbuilding material companies do, they sell shipbuilding materials and use the money to buy iron. If it has enough extra credits it will found a new station. Since the shipbuilding materials company has increased its price for iron, freighters are now visiting miners to fulfill the price imbalance. The miner company uses the extra money to build more miners because that's what miner companies do, they sell iron and buy more miners with the money. The universe could have the Dwarf Fortress backstory generator and each empire starts with one drone at Prime and it builds it's fleets and stations from there. When you start you can choose the age of the universe you want, from just starting to build the first spaceship and empty to developed and full.
  9. Instead of instabuild, ships are built up gradually over time shipyards. Build ships one block at a time, or one layer at a time or another scheme. Little pods with repair lasers shoot the block until its constructed and go to the next one.
  10. Fleet command button: "Investigate". Ship flies near every object in the sector.
  11. Why go through the trouble of having an elaborate voxel based ship construction system and then negate it and turn it into a hp/health bar system?
  12. Problems with pirate raids: Pirates don't pirate. 1. Always attack stations which they have no hope of destroying even if they shoot at it for an hour. 2. Stick around even after fleets of military ships catch up with them. 3. Then fight until destroyed and never flee. 4. After destruction no one tries to salvages wreckage. 5. Random guy in a mini miner can swoop in after battle and get free high level drops from wreckage under the nose of the military ship that just destroyed it. Solutions: 1. Pirates attack cargo ships not close to military ships. 2. Flee before military ships get in range. 3. Flee if in combat and do not have anything but high chance of easy win. 4. AI always salvage after destroy enemy. 5. Illegal to salvage or collect drops from ships destroyed by military ships. Ideas for making pirates pirate better: 1. Use false flagged freighters or miners that look friendly then surprise attack. 2. Use jettison cargo demand ai and player ships. 3. Grab with force turret and board and flee with it before military ships can intercept it. Captured player ships can reappear later as pirates 4. Pirates ask player for payments to operate in a sector and be free from attacks.
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  14. 90k om is high even for Xanion space, if I remember correctly, and I usually player single player on Insane difficulty. I know this doesn't help you if you're playing multiplayer, but if you're happy to play single-player then it's relatively easy to save your game, you just make copies of the save file that's in like Local->Roaming->Avorion->Galaxies or something like that. I usually play Avorion on 6 to 12 month cycles. Last time I was playing was last summer and I was able to confortably take on an Insane difficulty game. I can't remember if I died once or twice, but it didn't matter- I had saves 🙂 I don't know if it's been changed yet, but the dumbest thing I've encountered is the MAD Science Lab that has like 3 million firepower. This is just dumb, because the damage is so high that unless you literally have a stone cube ship, some little bit of lightning is going to get through some tiny gap in your stone and one or two-shot you. I know because I tried, converting all of my armor into stone on my ship, and still got two-shotted when lightning somehow leaked through the baffles protecting the thrusters. Very, very, very unforgiving to new players. I just get lazy and take it out by counting the number of energy satellites I've killed. When I get to the fourth, I take it out from long range with torpedoes (because it jumps in at the location of the fourth satellite you kill) and then just blast the MAD science lab from max range with multiple torpedo salvos. (Lightning/tesla weapons in space are just dumb anyway, electric arcs are conducted by ionized gas but there is not enough gas to do this in space.)
  15. SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName_orig = SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName function SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName(x, y, count, seed) return "Prefix " .. SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName_orig(x, y, count, seed) end
  16. Can you specify what exactly isn't possible? Just for interest. Thanks in advance.
  17. I would like to create a mod that changes the names of the sectors displayed on the map. Is it possible to overwrite/extend this function in scripts/lib/sectornamegenerator.lua: function SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName(x, y, count, seed) For example to return the current sector name but with a prefix like this: return "prefix" .. name
  18. So i made a ship and when i hold w it shows the thrusters firing up but my ship wont move at all.
  19. Hello everyone, Been a long time player of abortion but, never made an account on the forum till now. I have reached a block for me and don't know what to do. I can't seem to design a carrier ship the way I would like and can't find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am looking for a carrier that is under 18k blocks and made for endgame (loads of defences and system for assembling fighters). As for design aspect, don't have one at all for this ship (hence asking for help here). Even tips and tricks on building one myself would be appreciated as I haven't really built a ship as big as what I am looking for. Reason why I am looking for this is because I am playing with massive endgame content mods where I need massive defences to just survive. Again, any help is appreciated! If this thread is in the wrong place, please let me know and I can move it. Thank you all in advanced!
  20. rather than material giving more volume, I feel that it should be the highest quality material it can hold, like an iron hanger cannot hold a craft with titanium or avorion for example, but a trinium can hold naonite and lower.
  21. since I like maining carriers, fighters dont really seem that useful since only factions have carriers, it would be nice to see some pirates having small bomber squads, perhaps during sector raids or in pirate base sectors. it could make combat look and feel a bit more intense with having tiny craft fighting around your ship,
  22. Some categories of words in the translation site's 2.0 beta test text are strange. ・independent turret, independent targeting The name of the subsystem or turret function. In 2.0 b, the "auto-targeting" keyword is added. "Adds slots for independent turrets" and "Auto-Turret Slots" More words have the same meaning and function. Isn't it good to unify the keywords to be easy to understand? e.g. "AUTO-TURRET", "auto-targeting"
  23. I am having the same problem, did you find any solution?
  24. I start the game Single or Multiplayer try to connect Game tries to load in One of 2 things happens: 1. Game crashes 2. or after a long time it says Connection lost, no response from server I have an Asus ROG Strix 15" CPU: i7-10750H @ 2.60GHz 16Gb Ram NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 @115 watts Crash Log: Attached clientlog 2021-05-11 21-18-01.txt clientlog 2021-05-11 21-35-12.txt clientlog 2021-05-11 21-40-59.txt
  25. ArkyMosuke

    Update 2.0

    I would give my left foot to test this. Or sign an NDA.
  26. also: 1. not just player owned ships, but also player stations should be able to do the same 2. have a persistent toggle on map to always show already "scanned" sectors (there's a mod for that, i believe that always shows yellow blips)
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  28. I have realy no clue how to design Turrets by my own. Have watched some YouTube content but my problem is maybe realy simple. I cant start the design. Im not sure what im doing wrong. I klick middle mouse on a set Turret to mark it. then in Turret window upper left (the turret symbol) open design modus. Game says, choose a turret base block for creat you design. I marked the block conected to the turret, same. Tested some other stuff, didnt get to a result. Would be nice if anyone can answer this maybe simple question. Thx, Myandrin
  29. Hello there, i would love to expand on the given informations regarding System-wide resource distribution....perhaps a Probe that allows us to determine the concentration of certain Ores.... Imagine; You start the probe, after a short duration you get detailed information about the Asteroids in system. Especially Ore distribution (Something like : "Detected 544 Ore-veins , 40% contain Iron, 10% Avorion, 22% Trinium ") . This would enable you to mine more specific (especially together with the upcomming captain improvements) and determine if a system is worth the effort in the first place or if you should keep looking for something better fitting you needs.
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