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  2. Commands file: S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\commands.txt Initializing sector database... FileSecurer error: Reading of file "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\sectors\archive2.db" failed, moving on to the next instance. Error: Unexpected end of file FileSecurer error: Reading of all instances of S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\sectors\archive2.db failed. "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\sectors\meta.db": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. Initializing faction database... "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\players\player_1.dat": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\players\player_1.dat": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. Steps Enable clustering Load Quit (Error disk full: 1GB galaxy and 1.2GB free) Load - errors as shown. Quit (space freed - no errors) Load - errors as shown below. Initializing sector database... "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\sectors\meta.db": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. Initializing faction database... "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\alliances\alliance_43.dat": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\players\player_1.dat": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. "S:\phezz\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\Kmod\players\player_1.dat": All instances have the same timestamp. This can lead to issues when loading. Starting up 10 worker threads... Avorion clustering appears to build the archive files, then copy them? Why not just rename them?
  3. i have to ask has anyone been using 4netplayers because iv had a server for 2 weeks with them, i moved from gtxgaming because these guys are ment to be the external partner so i figured they must be hosting some decent specs per galaxy... but i got to say im so disapointed, most of the support seams to be in german, iv posted requests for help in their 'avorion' chat and its just full of other people looking for help,email sent 12 hours ago, still no answers, apparently by default the server selection is on 12 months so now im stuck with that cost, but the server is garbage... it gets huge spikes evebn with 1 player in the server, its so fustrating to be paying for what feels like a server made out of 20 year old dell hand me downs i regret ever moving my server gtx have done me well even when i had issues 5/10 mins top for the replys even during crazy hours of the night... i really think we need to rethink our 'external partner' because if other players go with them they will see the shocking server quality, which is not good for the community on a whole
  4. I vote for it, the RTS mode is so promising but need more polishing 😄
  5. Two of my ships started shooting at each other, one got destroyed by the other ship. Their navigation is alright as they continue to follow me, but their turrets are shooting at each other until one of them is dead (or me jumping into their command to stop the turrets from shooting at each other). Their response to damage is really high. Anything causing damage to the target they are escorting trigger a wild response from the turrets, even a collision damage between the two ships. I also noticed that ships (especially larger ones) tend to collide on each other when asked to move to a place or escort a target. Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug. Simply ask 2 or more ship to escort a target, then wait for a battle to happen and have a friendly ship (AI faction included) to accidently shoot at the escort target. This will trigger the aggressive behavior from the turrets on the other ships and will then shoot at each other. At time ramming damage also trigger the aggressive behavior from the turrets. Your client and server log. Follow the instructions below on where to find them on your system. I have tempted to recreate the bug by having a fight with a pirate station, but this time my ships have attacked and destroyed a friendly AI faction, even after all enemy ships have been destroyed. I have saved a log and uploaded it. Your system specs: Windows 10 CPU Intel Core i5-9400f GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 clientlog 2020-09-19 12-14-34.txt
  6. Hello everyone, I came with this idea because of a recent bug that makes my ship turrets shoot at each other after ordering multiple ships to escort a target, one of them having really high DPS weapons and literally melted my other ship within a few seconds. Despite having that idea because of a bug, I remember my ships badly damaging if not completely destroying other ships because the AI will shoot at an enemy no matter if there is a friendly ship in the way. This issue can be significant when using high DPS weapons. The idea is simple, reduce friendly fire for ships/stations owned by the player, as well as factions with a Good, Excellent, and Allied status towards the player. If the player really want to be mean, perhaps that reduced damage will go away after a few seconds. Granting a few seconds of reduced damage should allow the ships crossing fire to move away from each other line of fire, and perhaps avoid total destruction if one of them is using a high DPS weapon.
  7. Yesterday
  8. The game has no reputation issue. The fact that you simply did not take an interest is that in your native system at the shipyard you can buy a ship with a captain and it may even be a simple cube exclusively for your problems, not games. Everything in the game is so simple that you don't even have to look for clues on the Internet. After 2 hours of play, as soon as I bought it, I already had 4 resource collectors with AI captains in my native system. Buy yourself a cube with 1 captain at the shipyard in your home system and stop talking nonsense.
  9. The scenario I picture is this: I would have big bays within a huge carrier ship (or station), closed with such Blast-Doors, in which I would store my own ships. When I want to deploy one of those ships, I undock it from the carrier and open the blast doors for it to leave. If this works, I assume that it would also be possible to place a door in front of a hangar and open it when I want to deploy fighters. (yes, this tends to be an aesthetic feature) I do agree that there is probably some technical difficulty but I am not sure it would be very hard to the dev team. If we take turrets as an example, it seems to me a much more complex feature that works very well.
  10. See attachments for log files showing the error spamming and crashing us. Shipyard error, players are unable to get their purchased ship from the Shipyard to spawn. Log file points to a code error, cannot use NIL. This bug prevents us from creating stations, we need a hotfix. We thought perhaps this was a mod issue, only mod we have that effects the shipyard is Lazerzwei's Advance Shipyward. We disabled this, but it did not fix the issue (even on a fresh galaxy). This issue came with the 1.20 update and has made the server unstable. Again. serverlog_2020-09-17_11-34-23_a.txt
  11. Featuring incompatible mods! Featuring mods not tested in multiplayer! Featuring "base game requirement (0.33.5 to 1.1.*) doesn't match version 1.2 of the game" x4! (We're keeping these mods in as we anticipate the mods to be updated soon). With further ado ("hype, hype hype"), we give you the Need For Squeak modpack v2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2230220425 One special note: for Turret Engineering, you may need to run the command /tmod while in-game to create a link to the Turret Engineering Screen in the upper-right. For multiplayer servers, your admins may need to make sure that /tmod is a command enabled for all players. Everything else is working as intended. We think. The pictured ship is not included in the modpack but if you want it - you can get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2217069407
  12. You can move the mirrors to other blocks, its not dependent on the root block.
  13. Yeah - I have a number of strange performance problems running a 1 person server on localhost in Windows on a Ryzen 1600. It's confusing and quite awful. Glad you narrowed yours down. Seems like the fix is to create buckets of time when spawning stuff in a small area, and total up everything to be spawned into those buckets. Then one big ores/scrap can be spawned instead of hundreds of tiny ones.
  14. I remember mod patching boarding in X3 And Endless Sky... Making the Marines in X3 repair the ship helped a bit Actually I made the crew repair the ship in Endless sky too...
  15. I'm confused - what would pass through? Fighters? Since there's no animated geometry at all (and I bet a bunch of optimizations assume that) I doubt very much this is going to happen.
  16. The game ends when you decide and we both drink.
  17. The root block determines the X - Y - Z axis. (or I don't know what does) If you want mirror functionality to work you need to ensure the 'right' block is the root. I've deleted entire ships trying to move that root block.
  18. I also wish we could fuse more than rectangular prisms. I can't make a single smooth piece of armor - I have to make a ton of tiny pieces with low HP.
  19. Last week
  20. In my experience, I have also run into this problem of advancing from startup quadrant where you start with excellent reputation into areas of the 3rd and 4th quadrant towards core and realizing I need captains and running into Reputation issue. Now, I always remember to purchase a couple before leaving the friendly Rep area where I start. That will solve that issue. But you will need to plan ahead and decide where you will be going and need to raise your rep with a new faction. I think the Reputation aspect of the game is a very important core feature - you could not have a functional universe without it - to decide who is at war and who is friendly and gets access to the best turrets etc.. And if you do not already know, the "Free Slaves" mission randomly given by stations in their bulletin will allow you to basically purchase 15000 rep for around 200,000+ credits by paying off the pirates for the slaves. Doing that a couple times gives a big boost to Rep. Selling ores/ items to a faction also gives a big boost. Hope that helps.
  21. The lack of shapes for functional blocks has always puzzled me, I really can't think of any problems that it would cause, especially since the block menu compacts these variants so well now
  22. Sectors highlighted in blue sell and/or produce the commodity you search for. Sectors highlighted in red buy the commodity you search for. Both would show up on the map simultaneously. The cargo and station goods interface would have buttons to view the map and highlight sectors associated with that commodity. Stations that are known to require a certain material to produce their product would be highlighted as buyers. (Currently this requires checking the wiki constantly, or writing notes for what a sector needs) Trade Posts that are known to buy and sell a particular commodity could also be highlighted. Having an appropriate trade system installed would give additional information - The last recorded price deviation and quantity of goods available/needed of a highlighted sector would be shown on mouse-over
  23. As far as tesla turrets are concerned, just add a new faction called the Cult of the Grounded that make their ships out of stone and attack players that over-utilize them 😆 (I'm not being serious)
  24. Instead of each station having their own bulletin boards, there should be an UI button like a green exclamation mark when there are missions available at the sector stations. Clicking this button would open up a sector-wide bulletin board with all the missions from the sector listed with the option to take missions from the sector-wide bulletin board. This sector-wide bulletin board should also have indicators for which station in the sector is offering the chosen mission, with possibly even an option to highlight the station somehow when the mission is done. In addition to reworking bulletin boards and missions to be more easily visible, the rewards should scale towards the center way better to keep doing missions a viable playstyle. In addition to better reward scaling, different missions should offer special loot such as system upgrades, artifacts, materials or other great stuff in addition to credits. If turrets are also included as mission rewards, the stats of the reward turret should be available for viewing before the decision to take the mission or not.
  25. Well, then its really hard to get good big guns, I have so far NEVER seen anything better than my single slot 90k Tesla... I know you say the scripts don't support my thesis, but I have a lot of empirical evidence in my own opinion. It could be the RNG values are just too big, making getting good guns just too hard.
  26. I saw like 2 other posts in the past and thought I'd make another post to gauge interest on adding some sort of HOTAS support. From what I've read the hardest thing to map currently is the throttle, as currently its either full forward or nothing... maybe if there was some sort of mod/way to set speed we could add this? It would certainly add to the immersion. Piggybacking off of that, one day it would be cool to design a cockpit view in the front of the ship to make it more "1st Person". have a layout of a bridge to assign crew or something. I know thats a lot haha... maybe just a window or something that you can look around in. Thoughts? love this game. Thanks.
  27. The long-awaited Boxelware's Sandbox Space Simulator Avorion has finally graduated from Early Access after using it. Three years in the development cycle As of January 2017, the full game includes all the features promised by the indie team, and some are fully supported and enabled single player and multiplayer. The game is set for March 9th and Boxelware is set to launch the game in favor of positive feedback and support from local viewers. The game has been able to move more than 250,000 copies since it was released in Early Access, and that number will keep growing as more people go. Avorion specifically, now they know it's a complete game. As shown in the launch trailer, Avorion sees players starting out as a small warship doing simple missions.You'll need to take on deliveries, escort missions, and mine quests to increase your cash and upgrade your ship. There are many options and opportunities to play the game the way you want. As they mention in the trailer, you can make your way through the galactic box, galactic with other NPCs or players, or you could be a smuggler, moving stolen assets through the trade sector. If you have enough guts, you can build a pirate ship and attack carriers and convoys to steal their goods , or you can try to be great and prove to be the guardian of the galaxy. If you have enough resources and time you can develop a capital ship and have space fighters accompany you along your journey, either to threaten or save the galaxy. There are many different ways to play and unlimited customization options for your ship. The game best describes what Starmade meets. Space Engineer by making the health of EVE Online Ufabetgg.
  28. Can you post a video of this happening? And a build for a ship where this happens? Deleting the root block should assign a new root block.
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