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  2. Big Guns: If you know the Game Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption then you might be Familiar with the Aggressor Class Star Destroyer of the Consortium and then you know its two main Weapons, one Big Ion Canon that can disable the shields of Capatial Ships with one shot and one Big Plasma Canon that does massiv Hull damage. Or if you know the M.A.Cs from U.N.S.C. ships from the Halo Universe then you know what i whant. I whant to build Massive Capital ships with really Big Guns or long Range Sniping Ships with Big Guns. You could implement this into Avorion like the Torpedo Launchers as a ship block but it should consume massive ammounts of power and it schould have a long cooldown, atleast thats what i would do with the Big Ion and Plasma Canon, the Big M.A.C should consume less Power but still a big amount and you need ammo like a Torpedo Launcher does. And of course, enemy ships can have does weapons to. Cloaking: Cloaking could be a System upgrade or a ship block and should consume a good amount of power but not like the engines where the longer you boost the more power it consumes, it should have a fixed amount of power consumtion so that you can theoreticly be invisible for ever. This would be cool for a survey ship or if you whant to smuggle a lot or maybe you whant to overpower an enemy with many small cloakt ships by silently grouping up in a sector and then uncloaking all at once for massive confussion. If Cloaking is Enabled: Your Shields are disabled, Your Weapons are offline, You can communicate with ships and stations but you can not dock or buy things and you cant deploy figthers. If Cloaking is Disabled: Your Shields will be up again in 10 to 20 seconds and have full Helath, Your Weapons are instantly online, and of course you can then deploy fighters and do trading and stuff. Of curse you need somthing to counter cloaking and there should be a block or system upgrade to uncloak enemys or to be uncloaked. Sorry for my bad english 😕
  3. I dont whant the full Game to be portet for smartphone use, i only whant the ship building part so i can build ships wherever i am.
  4. Got back into the game and really enjoying it, been playing at the barrier for a while now waiting for my buddies to get back so we can finish the quest to cross it. But getting annoyed at having small hull pieces get destroyed taking my turrets with them and having to manually place them back on. I love how the reconstruction places everything back properly for my other ships that might die, but its annoying taking slight hull damage but losing some turrets and having to manually place them back on (and having to find the right ones....) and then re-assigning the weapon groups to them. Am I missing something or is there not a way for when you repair your ship to have it also automatically re-add your turrets? Like how the reconstruction token does. Thanks!
  5. With the advent of docking, and the ability to create entire single docked-structure complexes, you guys have got to update the delivery/fetch options. Having only three creates a nightmare that creates work required to make things make sense. If a factory needs X number of items to create product, then there should be X number of slots to "fetch" or "deliver" for.
  6. Anyone know if there are any plans to update this? Just got back into the game recently and having a hard time filling out interiors on ships.
  7. I like this idea! I actually wind up fixing the "ribs" sometimes but it would be nice to be able to just restore it.
  8. So I've played Avorion for awhile. I ended up taking a long break after many frustrations when it came to faction relations which made the game very frustrating. One thing I found the most frustrating was actually boarding stations. It takes an extremely long time to do and offers very few rewards. I personally boarded them to repurpose them. Due to the fact that there is no option to actually reconstruct the facility it takes away the fun in it. What I mean is when you blast down their hull HP to actually board them, you obviously break off sections / parts of the station. I think it would be amazing if there was an option actually entirely reconstuct the station, having it restored to its previous glory before you blew it apart.
  9. This is more or less covered by a thread I've already posted here: The possibilities are only limited to the number of ships you can have. If you're server based....significantly less. lol. A Homeworld-esque play style, where you fly around in a mothership that undocks a variety of smaller vessels when you enter the system would be quite amazing in all honesty. ...Provided there's a quick way to re-dock.
  10. If you have a lot of station in one sector the game only displays some of them in the list shown by hovering over the sector in the galaxy map. Once you have so many that they cover the entire screen in the list, you are unable to see how many asteroids the sector has, what name the sector has, who it is controlled by and what NPC stations it contains. A scrolling feature would be very beneficial especially when creating larger chains. It would be way easier to keep track of what stations you already have in the sector that way.
  11. I rather enjoy playing Avorion and love the amazing creativity, effort, support, and love that can be, and is poured into the game, it's content and ship. What I think might be interesting, if it is doable, is the ability to attach smaller vessels to larger ones. Ships can dock at stations, sure... But, Let's say though your ship is in the middle of nowhere, and not near a docking station, or at least not a friendly and/or player built one, and unable to jump to a station as it is out of his jump range, or lacking in power or the capability due to combat... In such a scenario, you could in theory attach/link/dock the smaller vessel to the larger one, making it into a sort of Transport ship for those smaller Craft. Other uses for this could be for jumping larger collections of forces without relying on individual ship jump systems and wormholes. It could also give me incentive for designing ships for specific purposes and classes. For Example, a transport ship for ferrying those smaller vessels would not be a capable frontliner and could perhaps serve as a bit of a mobile refueling and repair station or something like that, with limited resource depending on it's cargo capabilities and such. Additionally a ship designed specifically for ship ferrying, could potentially free up upgrade slots in frontliners and allow for more capable frontline vessels with greater weaponry and firepower, and/or more defensive capability. Depending on your choice of design. I have a whole slew of ideas centered around this that could add a great possibilities and benefits. Thought I might throw this out there and see what others think.
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  13. ทุกครั้งที่ฉันต้องรอนาทีเพื่อให้นักสู้ที่โง่คนสุดท้ายเทียบท่าบางอย่างในตัวฉันตาย รีวิวเว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด เรือรบส่วนใหญ่ที่ใช้ Fighters จะมีการอัพเกรด Transporter อยู่แล้วเพียงแค่ปล่อยให้ Fighters เคลื่อนย้ายเข้าสู่ยานแม่ การเชื่อมต่อในปัจจุบันเป็นเรื่องที่น่ากลัว หากคุณกังวลเกี่ยวกับการทรงตัวด้วยวิธีใดก็ตามคุณอาจคิดว่าผู้เล่นควรถูกลงโทษสำหรับการโจมตีศัตรูที่ต่อต้านนักสู้และไม่ควรแก้ไขความผิดพลาดของพวกเขาได้ทันทีให้จับเวลา แต่ยังดีกว่าที่จะไม่รู้ด้วยซ้ำว่าเมื่อใด กำลังจะหาทางของเขา หรือให้เป็นปุ่มในการดำเนินการกับคนโง่ที่ควรถูกเพิกถอนใบอนุญาตนักบินและปล่อยให้สิ่งนั้นยกระดับศีลธรรมบนเรือ ส่วนสุดท้ายเป็นเรื่องตลก ... นะ
  14. 3 type for energy / shield / hull using on your self (right away after) by launch throw Torpedo Launcher , stored same in Torpedo Storage , delay maybe ? 5 times longer then torpedo launch using by NPC too , with chance % by trying to shoot torpedo effect ? restore something like 25% from lack selling by EQ
  15. Fighters are pretty bad against big bads like AI or Big Brother, but a class that might not be would be corvettes, Corvettes would be about 10x the size of a fighter, armed relatively similarly, but designed to take a punch. Adding different methods and ways of fighters to interact could further increase the feel of fleet command: Fighters (More Agile, less damage) Interceptors Defenders vs other fighters and torpedoes First Strike Heavy payload first attack (10x dmg) Escort Swarm stays around mothership Bombers (Less Agile, more damage) Stealth First attack ballistic approach, fighters do not appear on enemy radar (can be used against player) Heavy Payload Fast Attack Craft 5x Size of Fighter Lightly Armored, 2x Throw Weight Corvettes 10x Size of Fighter Similar Armament to Fighter or Bomber Multiple Turret capability (1 Main (spinal) 4 Point Defense) (blueprint created via two gun types) Heavy Armor (can handle many, many more hits) Frigates Actual ships that can be put into the mothership's hangar bay (fighter) Module installed allows the ship to dock Once a frigate becomes a parasite ship, it is now considered a "fighter"
  16. add to Noble metal mine 2 special product to make = diamonds and gems , maybe per 50 cycle of regular products add 1 of special one
  17. add two combat modules for player and NPC to use Hyperspace interrupter = from 10km up to 50km use agents your target for holding target from jump out Stasis Module = from 10km up to 50km use agents your target for cutting target top speed from -30% up to -80% NPC (one/two who use torpedo all times) should have some of this modules to use too
  18. When you have a ship destroyed, it is rebuilt with the exact same equipment. The equipment is returned to your inventory. When you delete a ship, and forget to remove things manually, the equipment is destroyed. Seems like a rather irritating :@ oversight. I just lost hours of research work thinking that everything would go straight to inventory. All legendaries. Something like that is why I quit playing for nearly a year if I recall. Docking control - Please see my post on docking. I have just spent several hours trying to figure out how to meld two ships together and either its impossible because you guys want it to be or its simply not a thing that is ready for prime time. AutoDocking and Parasite Ship Commands - Allow designation of specific ships to specific docks. Ship building - allow localized area to be re-sized instead of the entire ship.
  19. I like the first option - it's simple. To anyone who may find it too simple, just reduce the captured/converted crew by some small percentage to reflect those who may have refused to "Join Us" and thus were, uh, repatriated to their own space.
  20. A similar button for mass-recovery of fighters would also be a good thing, and could effectively serve the intent of the Cease Fire button
  21. So, we can add Notes to the Map, which is a nifty function, but, more often than not, a simple icon would make all the notation I might need for a given sector .... Equipment Dock, Shipyard, Repair Yard, Torpedo Availability, Research Stn, etc ...
  22. When you are moving and use the laser, Tesla, repair, or anything "beam" related, even mining turrets, the little glow orb that is supposed to appear over the laser barrel becomes misaligned with the barrel and starts to fall out of place. This glitch is not game breaking, but can be extremely annoying and distracting, especially when you have a multitude of laser turrets equipped on a ship. I have included a screenshot for context. Although the beam effect is working properly, you can see the little glowing ball that is supposed to encompass the turret barrel floating off the edge of the turret. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2392041073 I have posted a bug report about this same bug on the steam forum; I am also posting it here for the sake of awareness. I would honestly just really like to see it resolved. As I have stated there, feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all. I will reply to them as quick as I can. serverlog 2021-02-19 23-18-41.txt clientlog 2021-02-19 23-18-12.txt
  23. That said, I like the idea ... The topmost wing in all my CVs and Forward Operating Bases are the designated CAP at all times, and tend to have the shortest weapons range aboard. Your idea kinda dovetails with my idea about the CEASE FIRE button I suggested in another thread. You can usually put-up a short-ranged CAP w/o any problem, but if you put-up a heavier CAP with longer-ranged weapons and walk away, say to make a sandwich and grab a beer, then you risk an "unfortunate diplomatic incident" like the one I described in the CEASE FIRE Button thread.
  24. FYI .... CAP = COMBAT Air Patrol ... Origin is US Navy, WW2. Each CV was expected to launch a CAP to protect itself and the TF to which it was assigned during TF movement and operations. CIVIL Air Patrol is an entirely different thing.
  25. An option in squadron command to automatically launch a specific wing upon arrival regardless of whether or not the player is there to do it would be magnificent, or an auto-launch the moment hostiles enter the system. (I was thinkin civil because I was thinking about my freighters)
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