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  3. I also tried to manuall turn my ship top side facing Sector map camera and then jump to another sector. It switched East-West to proper directions, but it swapped North and South directions. So South is on top of screen, and North is on bottom.
  4. Well, I love avorion so am starting a dedicated server for atleast the next 12 months. Servers just for me and a couple of mates, but smallest server is a 10 player server. Was wondering if any players wanted to join us? It's modless for now but we may add some in future. Give me a shout if interested.. Server is online 24/7 but we are UK based so most active between 18:00 - 23:00 most days.
  5. East and west directions are in wrong places. It has been like this forever. Lower gate is South. so East gate should've been on right side of sector. Its as if we look on galaxy from above, but when we enter sector and open strategic view - we look on sector from below. Haven't been fixed ever since game was published.
  6. Its working just like Fullscreen, no difference. And video blinks every time i alt+tab, just like Fullscreen mode. And video player window is not shown over game window, just like Fullscreen. 5 years ago i asked to fix this, plz.
  7. Its working just like Fullscreen, no difference. And video blinks every time i alt+tab, just like Fullscreen mode. And video player window is not shown over game window, just like Fullscreen. 5 years ago i asked to fix this, plz.
  8. This is a rather obvious bug, or maybe a fundamental shortcoming of the physics model. No ship/structure/whatever should behave like that, the acceleration alone is far beyond what ships in Avorion can do. Mods, I think this one deserves moving to the "bugs" category.
  9. I've started building furniture recently for rooms in my ships that have windows. Intended as a prettier version of crew quarters. I'd like to use very small sizes, such as multiples of 2cm (that is size step = 0,002 in build mode). The image shows some of my attempts so far. Original size of the image was 2560 x 1440, shrinked to 1280 x 720 here to reduce memory size. The focus is on the table that is currently selected in the build editor, and the view distance is the minimum possible. That works reasonably well for a size step of 0.01, but for smaller sizes it becomes very difficult to get the position of the blocks right. See the two legs next to the furniture? That is where I'm stuck right now. The blocks simply won't stick exactly where I want them to, and I think the main reason is that I lack the fine control in placing them. That could be helped by a closer POV. Simple suggestion: Allow a smaller view distance to the focused block.
  10. Hold a Real life contest where Players can submit Storyline or Mission script Content to better allow players to work with the dev team, thus reducing the load on the devs and increasing the interaction between players and devs.
  11. Have some mission/missions be specific to only that faction. This gives more depth and story line to the game.
  12. Have the NPC Faction traits not be totally random, but rather interdependent on other existing traits/faction relationships/events completed by the player.
  13. Have a headshot or graphic that represents each faction.
  14. Having the faction traits be slower to reveal themselves. This gives the appearance that the traits grow and progress for the Player.
  15. Having the faction traits be slower to reveal themselves. This gives the appearance that the traits grow and progress for the Player. Additionally, have the traits not be totally random, but rather interdependent on other existing traits/faction relationships/events completed by the player.
  16. I was going to post the same idea, having spotlights that show back on the station, or ship.
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  18. Hey dudes! I'm going to start a mini series on youtube. Initially I wanted it to be something like what Yogscast did with Minecraft. But I thought it would be best to ask the community directly what you guys would like? I was thinking either something yogscast style where I start playing and talking about what I'm doing and going on "adventures" and what not; or I could make it like a tutorial series (like the coding ones)..First episode: where and how to download/install the game, Second episode: in-game menus and optimization...Third episode etc. How would you guys like me to do this? AND I would also lik e to know how often would you like me to pop up with a new episode? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Every other day except for weekends? Another thing is the Pocket Guide. I have promise a long time ago that I would start the Pocket Guide for the game, football on the wiki. A pocket guide is a sort of user's manual. So basically I'd be writing a huge page with how to start the game and the talk about every aspect of the game in a tutorial fashion. This would go well with the youtube series if I were to make them in a tutorial fashion as I latter described. And it would make it easy to combine them, in a sort of: "Hey here's some text on how to do this and if you still don't understand here's a pretty little youtube video for your guidance!" So, I'll check in for replies and get started on stuff once we have a general idea on how things should work! Peace out! 8)
  19. Sorry, could not determine in which category to put this question, therefore I attributed it to off-topic. The essence of the question is whether anyone still has the beta version of Avorion 0.7 or 0.7.1, I know that earlier it could be downloaded through the official website in the demo section, but now there is a different version. It is impossible to download through the web archive or other sites, this version is missing everywhere, as if it was completely removed from the Internet. I would like to download it to save the history of Avorion versions and in order to see how the game has changed from version to version. Yes, and there are big differences from 0.5 or from the steam release? It would be cool if someone had this installer or if the developers themselves could share it 🙂 Btw, i have bought a steam version already
  20. Since I was banned from Discord, I have to ask on the forum. For 5 years I run a server with different parameters and different CPUs, at the moment I have a 4790K and 32 GB of RAM, quite a popular server, but the problem is that some options I do not fully understand, and how they work, after all, a lot of nuances which only know the developers themselves. So as much as possible a brief question 4790K 4.4 Ghz 4-8, 32 Gb ram workerThreads=6 generatorThreads=2 scriptBackgroundThreads=2 clusterFileSize=200000000 clusteringThreads=8 networkingThreads=2 Can the developer give an example of how the above settings would be better placed, assuming the server is 20+ online? This is all very important to me, I will use this knowledge when upgrading to the next generation processor 12700k
  21. Reproduction steps: Equip injector subsystem (allowing to hack 4 or higher security). Accept "The Hackaton" mission. Go to system with mission containers. Hack the mission container with token. When you'll see other container with high security you cannot break (like 6 or 7) - fly close to it, and dock it to your ship (rationale: you can force break those later on, at Smuggler Hideout). Enter the next system where mission directs you. Result: containers field not spawned at location pointed by mission, mission cannot be finished. So far I tried docking high security container 3 times, and every time it resulted in blocking next mission container field from spawning. When I didn't dock any container - it worked fine. Immediately after it happend I've checked serverlog (attached), and I've noticed some errors related to "Mission_onSectorEntered" and onTargetLocationEntered functions. Spec: Avorion v2.2.2, no mods OS: Windows 11 Pro (64-bit) CPU: Intel i5-6600K GPU: NVIDIA RTX 3050 clientlog 2022-09-25 10-10-07.txt serverlog 2022-09-25 10-11-43.txt
  22. Since i notice that i got minor slowdown (no grafical lag) at my homesector even without R-harvesting or fighters at that sector I think there need some economical improment. Since you need a tractor/docking ship to dock/couple stations, i think at first there need to be a check when you found a station if that ship is docked on a station or not, before you check about the minimum distance between stations. That would made it easier to dock 2 or more stations together. But the main improvement it would be when you would add factory blocks for stations only. At this way you could create megafactories with integrated item distribution system. Which mean that megafactory won't need shuttles anymore. And i think these shuttles are one big factor about the slowdown. You still build a station founder at the shipyard, maybe with 4,8,16,32,64 factory slots. Then you can add factory blocks to the station once you found the station. The blocks got the same cash cost like the station founding before.
  23. I notice when you found a new mine from claimable asteroids, they just got just crewquarters. But since my first mine never sold anything even with -20% price setting, i notice there is nothing at the cargo and don't even got a cargohold After adding a cargohold, the mine start to sell resources. I think new founded mines should have not only crewquarter and need some cargohold and a docking.
  24. Currently you need to have both to get it working. But i think it should be seperated. Transport block should mainly increase the range and allow without software the increased docking range (when both are stationary (0 m/s)). The Software give addional features depend on the rarity: - Fighter harvest pickup of ore/scrap metal. - Fighter instant docking when at range - Instant pickup of items/resources, would replace tractorbeam. - Boarding with teleporter when it is inside range, when outside fighter would be launched.
  25. More advanced (alternative) version of this improvement, that just came to my mind: allow marking by more than one parameter, for example 1) rarity and 2) item type. Use case: I want to get rid off all green and lower rarity subsystems - but not the turrets.
  26. After playing Avorion for some hours it's pretty easy to hit 1000 items limit in the inventory, and then we have to clean it up. Currently (v2.2.2) there is a mechanism that makes it easier by allowing us to mark all items below given rarity as trash, and just sell all trash at the station (on the attached screenshot). My proposal is to make "Mark as Trash..." function related to the type of selected sorting mode in the Player / Inventory screen ("Rarity" on the screenshot), so for example when I pick sorting by "Material", and then click on "Mark as Trash..." I could choose to mark as trash all the items made of Titanium and Iron. Same could go for Tech level, or "DPS/slot" value - we could enter threshold value, and then all the items below it would be market as trash. This would allow us to quickly and automatically get rid of all those low quality items we don't want (like high rarity, but old materials / low dps). It should be relatively simple to implement, too.
  27. I got the same idea 😄 I would love it to put 2-3 corvette for 12 fighter.
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